Pathway Project

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We had gathered a collection of bricks and bits from around the place over time. The section under the new fence Toby built for me last year always gets soggy and isn’t smooth to get into the side of the house to mow. So it’s been on my mind for a while now to get that sorted.

When I hurt my back a few weeks back the Elders asked if they could do something for us and they needed to get some service up. I said well if you want to help me get my pathway at the side done, that would be grand! They were excited to get some physical work.

So said “sure” so when they could slot me in they came over and did the grunt work and we knocked it over in one morning. Talk about many hands make for light work!

All we paid for was the sand :)

DSCN4065 DSCN4066 DSCN4069 DSCN4070

DSCN4071 DSCN4077

I laid the bricks, which my back didn’t like the next day :(

No more soggy area, and we took a weather beating the last few days, Down Under and it still looks grand, yay!

And the front on view, looks like this.


Thank you Elder Laitenin, and Elder Osmeni, you Elders rock!

Easter Hat Parade and Easter

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Each year they combine the Easter Hat Parade with Grandparents Day. Granddad came, he had a sleepover (which the children love) this year.

Like usual it was extremely hard to get a decent picture of the kids for some reason, they feel no obligation to crack a smile for their dear mother, when I want a photo, sigh…. Granddad calling out and still no turn in my direction. That said after they did better at letting mum document the occasion.

TJ had a cracked egg with a chick popping out!

DSCN3956 DSCN3957

Gigi, got her creative on and put a chick in her hat also it seems!

DSCN3967 DSCN3966

William had big bird and decorative eggs and feathers in matching shades!

DSCN3968 DSCN3970

Granddad got to star as it was Grandparents Day and then we got a surprise visit from Toby and Rocky as Toby was off work but had to take Rocky to swim lesson so I could be there for the parade.

DSCN3982 DSCN3984

Easter the kids were lucky because  Uncle George and Aunty Dawn (dad’s best friends) sent over bunnies for each of the kids, they were so excited. they also got a bunny each. We played hot and cold for each kid to locate there special treat for Easter.

IMG_2496After church we had an Easter egg hunt after they decorated their cardboard box to place their loot in, and a craft of decorating an egg each. They found the eggs about the house and then we all sat down and watched The Lamb of God together, Williams favourite video, then they got to do sparklers at night time!

IMG_2498 IMG_2501 IMG_2499 IMG_2502

Fun Family Time

Toby’s Birthday

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I decided that I’d take Toby to he city for a night for his birthday. We went out to a fancy dinner, that I got a scoopon for ;) and then we stayed at The Menzies, named after one of our prior Prime Minister’s of Australia. It’s always so nice to get time together and hear some silence in our lives.

Thanks dad for watching the kids for us.

When we arrived home, that kids were waiting to give him their cards they had made. And have his birthday pie. Lemon Meringue.

DSCN4047 DSCN4055

Having some fun at the table.

DSCN4059 DSCN4060 DSCN4062

Another year older and wiser ;)

10th Wedding Anniversary

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We escaped up the coast to the Hunter Valley for 2 days!

I suggested we take our bikes and do some biking. We managed 2 bike rides, which was lovely and fun. It was so peaceful up there. And I felt very grateful I managed to not crash on the gravel on a massive down hill and that Toby was in front so didn’t get to see me, and get to laugh his face off. That said if we had videotaped it we may of won some money on funniest home video’s! And we had a spa bath :)


DSCN3937 DSCN3934

We stayed in Pokolbin, at the Leisure Inn. It was a lovely place, we’ll have to bring the kids up one day. The places are like a hut but has a common door so I guess instead of half the place we could that the whole hut. And turns out it was a great location, right near the Hunter Valley Gardens, it was beautiful.


Looking forward to the next 10 :D

Electrical Motors

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Haven’t blogged in a while, we know – so how about this tid bit that is cut and pasted from a paper I am reading? It’s pretty interesting.

Electric motors use electrical energy to produce mechanical energy, typically through the interaction of magnetic fields and current-carrying conductors. The reverse process, producing electrical energy from mechanical energy, is accomplished by a generator or dynamo. At the heart of all electric motors is a magnet. In alternating current motors, the alternating current produces the magnetic field, whilst in direct current a permanent magnet is used. Permanent magnets can also be used in alternating current motors

Happy St Patricks!

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patmainpic We will post some pictures of us having green pancakes a bit later. but until then, enjoy this funny photo of Sir Pat

Sharole is great about making things fun for the kids. They woke up to green pancakes for Breakfast.


She sends them to school with green foods and snacks. Then for dinner we all have, more green food. It can be a challenge to find different green foods each year! So far she’s done good.


Yep, Sharole and I even wear green shirts, for the day!


And we all get a green accessory to wear. She then has St Patty’s Day games to be had, to be sure! I was left in charge of that, as Sharole had forgotten she’d committed herself to do splits with the missionaries so she rushed off and I executed fun time. Find the shamrocks (Sharole puts shamrocks on pegs and we hide them throughout the yard) and she has a game board  where they need to roll the dice to obtain gold coins, the one to finish covering the shamrock first, gets a chocolate mint patty!

The kids love it.

Darth Sidious

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IMG_3338-s emperor2

Is anyone seeing a likeness here?

P.S. you might be surprised how hard it is to find a picture of Sidious/Palpatine with an actual frown – normally it’s an evil cackle.