Good for Ingestion

Posted: 12/05/2012 by Toby in Family, Informative
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Today for the first time, Rocky ate the same food as the rest of us. At least, I assume it was the first time, since mostly he gets baby food, and the rest of us don’t eat that stuff.

Aunty Nicky was kind enough to get us some soup in a bag. It was opened the other night, and she suggested we all eat it soon before it goes off. This sounded like sound advice, especially here in Australia where everything goes off super fast.

Tonight, we had pumpkin soup. I figured, it’s a smooth soup, so Rocky should have no troubles. And he had none at all. I did have to pick out one small piece of pumpkin and trade it to TJ for a spoonful of smooth stuff, but that was about it.

The other cool thing about Rocky and tonight’s meal is that he got ahold of a clear plastic lid and was knawing on it. We could see right into his mouth, and we could see the pressure points where his gums were biting the clear plastic. It was immediately apparent that there were little white spots just under the surface almost ready to pop out. We can’t wait!

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