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Aged pesto for dinner

Posted: 13/09/2012 by Toby in Funny

Ever go in the fridge and wonder how long something has been in there? Luckily most products have a little date printed on the label or on the lid.

My darling doesn’t go in the fridge for leftovers very often, much less with the intention of making something from it, but even rare events do happen, and she spotted some pesto!

But wait, this tale takes an even stranger turn. Even after we looked at the use by date, she gave it a sniff, and used it for our dinner!

I’m so proud of my lovely lover love love.

Maybe she will go and look again in another 4 1/2 years.

Rocky – Cute and Messy

Posted: 08/09/2012 by Sharole in Family, Funny, News, Pictures
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See this kid above, he can be quite cute – but lets keep it real and say he’s our slobberiest, most vomiting, ok he doesn’t win the most poop splattering (Willam won that one), although he did decorate his crib with his poo recently, the one least interested in kids toys, nope – he wants all the cool stuff like TV remotes, phones, purses, toilets and toothpaste.

The remotes have lost there batteries, the phone is lucky to still be working, my purse got lost at Costco this last week, thankfully some nice person handed it in (huge sigh) and the toilet, well the house rule is keep the door closed, reason being is William decided to miss the toilet and not clean it up or tell mummy one day. Next thing I know Rocky is in there lying in William’s yep you know what – the yellow stuff and sopping wet (so grossed out) bath and disinfectant it was!

We haven’t taken pictures of all of these events however a few have made it onto the camera. The above was a fabulous two weeks of joy from our son, the best we could come up with was he was teething and hence causing this overflow of mammoth proportions 6 times a day. Yep he’s the one that has teethed the earliest, he’s already gotten 8 or 9 teeth by 10.5 months old, the others didn’t get anything up till they were 1 years old and pretty much, to the dot.

With the bathroom doors, the problem we are having is the door handles are up high like the good old days (being an old house), it’s great when you don’t want the kids to come in (not that that works now with our kids) but the real problem is when you want the kids to get in, like into the toilet! So it’s an ongoing battle with many bodies to keep check on if doors have been properly closed and so forth. We hear quite readily if they (ie. William) want the door to be opened, not so much fuss over whether they got the doors closed once more.

Last night all the kids were ready for bed, teeth brushing had just taken place and prayers were about to happen. I said are both doors closed, there was no resounding yes mum, so I sent Gigi down the hall and said “make sure the doors are closed” she comes back saying “yep they are closed”.

Toby got the prayer and I guess it must have been going for some time because, I started to feel this strong stinging sensation in my eyes and I thought it smelt like toothpaste, so I actually voiced it during his prayer (Toby was voicing) so supposedly everyone’s eyes were closed, TJ was trying to get our attention and I hushed him, the prayer finally finishes and we look over at Rocky there he was, to my left, covered in toothpaste. The couch had it, the rug had it, the hallway and bathrooms, the walls, the mat in the bathroom, and most importantly Rocky was covered in toothpaste. He obviously was not uphappy about the event, yep still smiling :D

Needless to say it wasn’t straight to bed for the kids, they were put on floor duty, a rag each, Daddy took Rocky clean-up and between us all we managed to get the mess sorted fairly quickly.

He’s quite adored this little man in this house. It’s nice to see his siblings rallying around him and taking care of him, albeit a tad late, at times!

Oh and 2 kids got a talking to, Gigi for not being honest about closing the doors and William for leaving the toothpaste on the floor once again. I guess this dynamic will change as the years pass, everything will be Rocky’s fault, on the kids end anyway :) Blame it on the youngest, right? But then again who knows…..

We managed to get a family outing in on the weekend. I had been wanting to go see this new addition to Darling Harbour for a while now.

We had a great time, it was quite good for kids, clothes to try on, games to play and things to touch and press, made for a fun outing in good old Sydney.

We also took in a picnic and enjoyed watching the kids run around chasing birds and playing with each other.

Some pictures of the fun that was had.

Some Australian History – Captain Cook and Ned Kelly – Ned was quite a looker!





Toby as a T-bird, Sandy and yep I’m a Pink Lady





The kids – Rockin it out…… with Jimmy Barnes and John Farham





What’s with touching my nose, Micheal?             I totally get this….now






Wow…. a house of my very own in Australia and the US!               Hello Possums…..            She’s Gorgeous -Toby’s thinking





Marilyn Monroe herself






William was very much taken with Delta Goodrem – as you can see





I saw that….. (says me)  well I caught that…… (says Toby) oops…… (me)






We even got to rub noses with The Aussies Prime Minister, the America President and the list goes on :)

We had a blast. Would totally recommend this as a good family outing, too fun……

Lightsaber versus..

Posted: 23/05/2012 by Toby in Funny
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Just came across a second who would win against a lightsaber scenario, and I love it!

Click here – lightsaber vs sonic screwdriver (via icanhascheezburger)
Click here – lightsaber vs Superman (via Yahoo Answers)

Does anyone else know of other hypothetical lightsaber deathmatches?

sci fi fantasy - Sonic Screwdriver Beats Lightsaber
see more Set Phasers To Lol

A reign of Terror

Posted: 12/05/2012 by Toby in Family, Funny
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And it came to pass that Sharole the First was persuaded to explore distant lands by sea, in a ship of curious workmanship, and did sail forth. And thus began the reign of Toby the Elder. And thus we see that insomuch as the O’Hara children had been slow in obedience to their mummy, and had hardended their heart against her wise counsel, behold another has taken her place, one who cared not for their cries for mercy, and one who, sad to say, was not nearly as good looking.