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4th July Fun

Posted: 30/07/2015 by Sharole in Events, Family, Pictures
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Happy 4th of July!


I try to create some fun in our family so I decided to organise a party for American Independence since I’ve got 4 naturally born Americans in my home and 2 naturizations ;).

We have several Americans in our ward so I invited them also. And we had ourselves some fun. It was a beautiful day, absolutely perfect!

DSCN4201 DSCN4203 DSCN4224

Toby made a delicious Texan rack of pork. We had yummy buffalo wings, T-bone steaks. Some yummy fruit as you can see above, brownies and star bangled cookies! Toby made an American twanged potato salad and it was delicious!Not to forget our Root Beer floats!

We played games like couples egg tossing, donut eating, coin swapping, color naming (name something red then white then blue) elimination, candy guessing game. Here are some of the winners. I had American candy as prizes t0 give out.

DSCN4210 DSCN4223 DSCN4221

DSCN4211 DSCN4218

And some good old fashioned dress up. Thanks TJ.


Great Day, great company~!

Bottle Holder Bags

Posted: 29/07/2015 by Sharole in Family, News, Pictures
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One of the projects the kids and I did in the January holidays was to make water bottle holders. This is to encourage them to bring there own water and stop drinking mine all the time.
1. We went to the shop and the kids got to pick their own fabric
2. I made a prototype, making sure it worked perfectly
3. I worked with each child to cut their fabric
4. I worked with each child to sew there own bag up. The strap is longer on the inside so as they grow, we can let out the strap more, to cater for their growth :)

This was the result.



TJ – picked an army print fabric, Gigi – Asian silk styled fabric, William – picked  a checkered fabric, and Rocky – batman print (leftover from his bedspread).

Now when we go out, I say get your water bottles and they are fully capable of carrying their own water and know not to try to put all their bottles in my handbag, anymore! Makes it so much better for hikes, trips, outings, you name it, I expect they are bringing there own water to it.

That said when we go out and they forget, I say well you should of remembered your water bottle + bag.

They are all proud of their achievement.

Darth Sidious

Posted: 14/03/2015 by Sharole in William
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IMG_3338-s emperor2

Is anyone seeing a likeness here?

P.S. you might be surprised how hard it is to find a picture of Sidious/Palpatine with an actual frown – normally it’s an evil cackle.

Gigi’s Baptism

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We decided on the last day of February for Gigi’s special day, 28th. It’s amazing to me how much time, organizing a well orchestrated event can take. She was so excited about it and nervous and anticipating the event, she even made herself a calendar to count the days down from TJ’s birthday. The thing about having your kids so close is they remember exactly what the other one had the year before, so I have to keep on my toes to make sure they are all treated equally. Not that I would deliberately, but from absent mindedness. Thankfully I have TJ to remind me of every little detail :) And photos which helps also when it came to the food, seeing what I’d done last year. It’s hard to know how many to cater for, for such an event, since many people don’t RSVP. I had to take a guess and hope for the best. I spent the week getting food sorted and baking Thursday and Friday so I didn’t have to worry on Saturday other than picking up the cake and sandwiches which I decided not to make myself. Wendy’s (ice cream cake) and Costco (sandwiches and wraps) do a great job, so why not let them do their thing :)

DSCN3897 DSCN3909 DSCN3898 DSCN3894

The kids and I arrived 30mins earlier to get all the food inside and set up the tables and chairs. Thankfully my Visiting Teacher Becci helped me, the Relief Society President and counselor, during the event so I wouldn’t have to worry about the food.

Marlies (Gigi’s cousin) and Toby did the talks, which were great. Toby baptized Gigi and she liked that the water was nice and warm. Toby made sure to take her down low so no second dip was needed. Gigi was lucky to have her 3 girl cousin’s Baptismal dresses that Aunty Nicky had made for their baptisms and so she picked 2 for her to wear. One for the beginning and the baptism and then another for after her Baptism. Gigi was so happy, and felt very loved for all the family and friends and ward members that showed support, for her decision.


When they came back in Marlies and Bronte sang acapella “A Child’s Prayer” which was beautiful, I really felt the spirit. After Brother Scott and Bishop Cox spoke we went in for the luncheon. I was really proud of my mini quiche’s I made from scratch (Jac’s recipe) and the number 8 biscuits I made, they both came up great. It especially felt good that everyone was impressed with my spread and kept on eating, there was just the right amount of food, hardly anything left. Gigi picked a chocolate ice cream cake with honeycomb, she then didn’t want the honeycomb ice cream part so swapped it out for Toby’s favourite, mint choc chip.

It was so lovely so see my family gather together, my 2nd cousin Gillian had just moved back from the UK so came and brought my Aunty Marleen, both of my brothers in NSW came Gregg and Seth and my cousins Alex and Charlotte came also, along with my Aunty Helen and Uncle Malcolm. So we felt quite blessed for such a family show up, we took a family picture. It was nice to see them all happy to see one another.

IMG_3378 IMG_3386



Cataract Dam awesomeness

Posted: 25/01/2015 by Toby in Events, Family, Pictures

How’s this for a timely post? This morning we all headed to Cataract Dam for the first time, and we had a nice time exploring the dam and the surrounding area. We also brought some food and had a picnic. Thankfully we were able to get our rears in gear and get there around 9:30 while it was still closer to 25 degrees. By the time we left it was up to 34, and by the time we were home it was 36!

When we walked over the dam we looked down and we could see right into the water, there were a number of fish swimming around, and a big fish, that looked a little like a small shark! No pictures of it, sorry, the pictures were lousy not worth posting.

IMG_3194-s IMG_3208s IMG_3201s IMG_3203s IMG_3213s IMG_3200s  IMG_3214s IMG_3215sIMG_3221sIMG_3218s


Yes the last picture is blurry, the camera was having ‘issues’



This year we decided that we’d take our very first trip to Luna Park, for TJ’s birthday, the longest running and first fun park in Sydney. Was also my parents very first date, that took place there. Turns out that the price of your ticket is determined by your height. So we had 3 ranges of tickets. 3 yellow, 2 green and 1 red. Turned out my brother was going to be down from Queensland and so we invited him and his kids to come with if they’d like.

We hadn’t heard from them and so took off for the park when we were all ready. Once we got there, we got our bands took a few rides, Edgar called to ask where I was, I replied, at Luna Park like I said. He said where about in Luna Park, I said why are you here? behind Coney Island having lunch, he said ok we are on the other side. That was a pleasant surprise. So we met up and 10 hrs later, Toby all tuckered out, we headed off for dinner at Toby’s favourite restaurant Dos Senoritas (Mexican). Rocky was toast (asleep) by the time we arrived so he was no problem whilst we ate. Yum…  Delicious.

DSCN3831DSCN3827 DSCN3810 DSCN3803

Edgar, Dakota and Owen had a sleepover. And we had a nice time in the morning with the cousins all playing together, and with Uncle Edgar. Granddad joined us for lunch before they moved on.

DSCN3810 DSCN3821 DSCN3829 DSCN3837 DSCN3841 DSCN3847

All in all a nice birthday treat for TJ and all the kids. At the end of the day Edgar said it was my turn to do the rotor as Dakota, TJ and William loved it, I wasn’t too excited as I felt so sick last time I went on that ride in 2007. Thankfully I did better this time round. Molly you’d love this ride. Did you go on it?

Gran called with a nice surprise, she and Ezra were going to take the train down to spend some time with TJ on his birthday. They arrived at lunch on Monday and headed home the next day. The kids all had a lovely time playing at the park, eating TJ’s birthday cake and catching a cheap flick at the local club – Mr Peabody and Sherman. Before we knew it, the time was gone, and we dropped them off at the station to take the train home. Ezra’s first train ride.



Somehow the boys all ended up with red shirts on, that day!

Christmas picture

Posted: 19/12/2014 by Toby in Family

Hey everyone get a load of this year’s Christmas picture! We are actually a bit behind this year, so those of you who still get a mail out, you’ll probably get it at least a week late. ohara family 2014