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Darth Sidious

Posted: 14/03/2015 by Sharole in William
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IMG_3338-s emperor2

Is anyone seeing a likeness here?

P.S. you might be surprised how hard it is to find a picture of Sidious/Palpatine with an actual frown – normally it’s an evil cackle.

We decided to take the family holiday this year whilst including William’s birthday. He was happy with that. We plonked his birthday smack bang in the middle of it. He asked that we could do whatever he wants on his birthday, so we said fine, we can do that. He originally wanted to go to the beach but then changed his mind in the end, he wanted time with me, so Toby took the other kids to the beach in the afternoon and William and I took a spa and relaxed together.

First up came the gift opening.

IMG_2424Then some dancing….

IMG_2458William got a Redfoo top as one of his gifts and so was excited to do some dancing with his top on, to which his sister was excited about also. They both enjoy dancing. Played with some of his gifts then the kids headed out to the large pillow for some jumping. About 30mins in William came back screaming when he got to the door I was shocked to see blood running down his face all over his hands and going down the glass door. I then screamed for Toby as I don’t do well with the kids hurt. We found out that there were boulder rocks near the pillow and kids were throwing them about. William was sitting down near they were doing it and it bounced off a pile of rocks and went straight into Williams head. We then had to take him to the hospital which was a hour away and by the time he was seen and fixed up the whole morning was gone. Not my preferred way to spend the morning of my kids birthday. Thankfully things got better as the day progressed.

IMG_1952.JPG (2) IMG_1955.JPG (2)


We did some R/C driving in the afternoon with Williams new R/C car, it works so good, and goes so fast, we all wanted a turn. And we’d brought TJ’s down for him to play with also. Now Gigi and Rocky want one, naturally.

Since we weren’t going to be making one of our homemade cakes this round, not being at home. William ended up choosing a Sponge Bob cake which I normally wouldn’t allow since I don’t like Sponge Bob, but alas it was that or girl cakes so I let it go. It was good to know after eating the cake, the kids said “we prefer the cakes you and dad make, mum!” Aww shucks thanks kids…


Nude Food Day Last Friday students in all classes, K-6 were introduced to the concept of Nude Food Day by presenters from 4/5B. Students will develop an awareness of how unreusable waste is damaging to the environment and realise that they can take small steps to reduce waste.

A colouring competition was held to promote this concept, and two children from each stage won a healthy fruit salad snack in a reusable container. Congratulations to: Renee (Kindy), William (Kindy), Reuben (Year 1), Gigi (Year2), Clare (Year 3), Brendan (Year 4), Masson (Year 5) and Jordan (Year 5). Starting next term, every Thursday will be Nude Food Day at school.

Students need to bring healthy lunches and snacks in reusable packaging. There will be bins for compost, however, any packaging that is not reusable needs to go home with the child as no rubbish bins will be available.











Toby and I are proud that 2 of our kids won. They are both very creative and it was nice to see others can see it also. :)

This year’s Halloween!

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Hey everyone – my sister beat me to it… but we fully intended on blogging about our Halloween, and here it is less than a month after the event!

First of all, I think it’s kindof fun to dress up and do stuff, it’s an excuse to have a party and go out. We were invited to two parties this year and they were lots of fun. I say this because lots of folks in Australia feel that it’s a Yankee thing, and they can’t be bothered to get into the spirit of it. Fair enough.. Though I will say it is getting more popular than it was previously.

The kids also got to dress up for School for the day!

Our kids got to go trick-or-treating up in the Norht Rocks area. The street was pretty good about it. Balloons were out and main issue was one side was all up hill and the other side of the street were all down-hill. Our four were keen baked beans, running from one to the next house. The filled up there loot bags and wanted to keep going. Sadly the other kids they were with, were all ran out of steam. Rocky was the youngest there and still ready and willing to keep going :) On the way back to the house for the party we stopped at a few more houses.

So what did we all dress up as?
Sharole = Maid Marian (last minute choice, but she looked great!)
Toby = Green Lantern (the outfit was on sale, and we decided to get it just in case.. well the backup plan became the main plan)
TJ = Harry Potter – his choice. We had to get the tie separately, how dumb was that?
Gigi = Zombie Snow White – we went to a little carnival market thingy and they had face painting (that was terrible I might add) and the paint was still on when she dressed up as Snow White. I think it looked kinda cool!
William = Batman – his oldie but favourite
Rocky = Robin – he got this outfit for his birthday and it was still cute come Halloween :)

On the Saturday we had our annual Halloween Party up the coast for a change. The Tuckers did a great job of fitting out their house. We had a long black tunnel to walk through with pumpkin lanterns and errie music playing, a man with a dagger at the end to scare us. There were some fun games, like eating the dounuts off string, using darts to pop balloons, and getting apples out of buckets with no hands.

There were syringes full of blood to put into our drinks, and there was a contest for the best dressed kid and best dressed adult. Sharole won the adult competition, much to her surprise! It was a fun night.

Some pictures.

William and Rocky’s birthdays are only 3 days apart and so this year we decided to combine them, as William wanted to have a party and we thought may are well get 2 for one.

Our birthdays always start with them opening up their gifts in the dining room.

DSCN2160 DSCN2164
William was keen on having a Batman and Robin party and cakes. Thankfully Toby likes a cake challenge and he was happy to do the Batman and Robin cakes. He did a great job, I thought! Toby wanted to pay homage to the olden day styling. We made it a superhero party so we’d get a nice variety of costumes. We had Catgirl, Hulk, Superman, Batman, Supergirl, Ironman and so on…… One of the things I love best about William is he loves to dress up, I think that is a great childhood activity, and honestly fun when your an adult too :)


We were having the party at our house this time round and went about hiring an entertainer. I called a bunch of places and Toby and I made a decision on one. We chose Batman as our character and then as it got closer to the day they called and said hey because you have two birthday boys we’ll give you an extra entertainer, at no extra charge. Bonus! So we got Superman as well. They were really good and the kids had a blast. For 1.5hrs they were entertained and hot from all the stuff they had them doing. They even got a cool magic show! Before too long the party was over.

Lots of happy faces and tired kids.

William was going to be Batman for the day, but as he got a TMNT costume for his birthday he changed his mind at the last moment and went as a TMNT. Rocky still went as Robin since that was his birthday gift also. Rocky was a tad scared of the entertainers and ended up too tired and went to bed before the cakes took place so we ended up doing his cake for him 2 days later I think it ended up being. He enjoyed mixing all the colours and picking pieces off it as did his siblings.

TJ went as Flash, and Gigi went as Batgirl.

All in all a good day! So glad the weather was perfect, if anything a tad hot.

DSCN2190 DSCN2194

DSCN2213 DSCN2199

William at Pre-School

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Wiliam’s painting of Humpty Dumpty got put on display in the front Office at the School, he was very proud, as were we all.
He loves Pre-school and can’t undersdtand why he can’t go 5 days a week.

The house of barf

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It’s been an interesting day, with pretty much the whole family sick. Rocky is already our barfiest child, with nearly every surface of the floor and furniture christened with his stomach juices. For the last couple of days he’s been unable to keep anything down. It’s only after he passed on his stomach flu that he started to show improvement. That gives the rest of us hope.

Here he is yesterday:

Then William decided to get in on the fun.

I admit, he doesn’t exactly look like he’s having fun, but trust me, he probably is, deep down.

The older two went to school as usual, seemingly feeling no effects, which was good. Thankfully I was just going to the office near me so I dropped them off. When it came time for school to be over, Sharole made a phone call to see if one of the other mothers would take them for a while. She graciously accepted. But then just as she was herding them out the door to bring our two home, Gigi christened their  house with a massive vomit all over the floor. The mother told me she probably brought up all her stomach contents in that one go. (I apologised as profusely as I knew how..)

With the older kids, I had a slight hope that they would be able to… direct their spew a bit more, and I gave them bowls and buckets to use. As you can see, the targeting system was as spot on as a child’s can be.


And in case you’re wondering what Sharole looked like, well, let’s just say it’s not great, and leave it at that. I won’t be posting any pictures of the state she’s in at the moment.



The culprit himself:

Who, me?