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TJ’s First Day at Primary School

Posted: 09/02/2011 by Sharole in Events, News, Pictures, TJ
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TJ started school at Rydalmere East Public School on the 3rd February, 2011.

TJ’s 1st Day

Yep a school uniform. I love that about Australia. Everyone wears school uniform. Something to be proud about. Getting shoes was not fun and TJ is so slight finding shorts that will fit him is near impossible. I’m still on a search. The school uniform shop smallest size is a 4, yep he’s smaller than a size four. Even though he’s 5 years old.

He’s been super excited to start school. He has a pretty school teacher called Ms Riley. He seems to like her which is great! He has a loop that she wears with a microphone and an attachment to his hearing aid. You can see it in the picture below with his back to the picture with his siblings. He wasn’t excited to get photo’s with his siblings. We are mainstreaming him and so far no issues.

Granddad came down for the special event and walked with us to school. It’s only a 5 minute walk so lovely and convenient here.

TJ wanted me to carry him to school hence the teary eyes nothing to do with going to school. He managed to do it the whole way there. I tried to explain to him that 5 years old’s don’t get carried to school. He’s a big boy now.

He was happy to go to class and start a whole new adventure in his life.

Gigi starts pre-school next week and she wants to know why she doesn’t have a uniform. I said next year, this year she gets to wear whatever she wants.

His first few days went well. On Monday he said that he learned nothing at school today. It was a Water Activities Day at the school, he wasn’t too happy about that. His major achievement was he didn’t get wet!

I am enjoying getting more time with Gigi and Willy.