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We had a lovely time celebrating Williams 2nd birthday. We got a pleasant surprise with cousin Ezra and Aunty Nicky coming up for it with Gran. William and Ezra got on so well this visit, like 2 peas in a pod.

Uncle Seth, Louise, Hannah and Lucy came to visit along with Uncle Gregg, Aunty Mel and Tom for cake time and singing William “Happy Birthday”. William loved it tellinge veryone he’s now 2and I heard William telling Ezra later that Uncle Gregg loves me like three time.

This year we took a trip to the Aquarium in the city for an activity leading up to Willy’s birthday and so in the end I decided to make a shark cake for him. My first thought was to do a frog but then the idea of green icing was turning me off, so alas the change of ideas. A train came to mind also since he got toy trains for his birthday, we’ll see maybe next year a train.

I like to make a hat for them also nothing professional just fun. This was my shark attempt.

The finished shark cake.

Just before he blew the candles out, he needed some help from his siblings.

William was very neat about eating his actual cake. We’d say eat the cake and he’d lean in nicely and take a bite.

After William opened his presents and started playing.

The next day he opened his presents from us and later we took the kids to Lollipop Land to play after lunch, I’d never been there before. It’s a playhouse for kids and parents sit in there and watch them having a blast. They played for a solid 3 hours no worries at all. Needless to say they were toast that night.

I can’t believe my boy is two years old!