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For our wedding anniversary this year we decided, ok it may have been more me to go and see, Cliff Richard in concert in March. We bought the tickets last year and waited for it to come around.

Before it started. Bad lighting here but oh well. The theatre is beautiful all Art Deco.

Wow, what a lot of energy he has for a 72 year old, not to mention a great figure. I guess staying single and no kids, has kept him in fine form.
We had a nice time. My dad watched the kids and we jetted off into the city by train, grabbed our favourite snags, my favourite is the Greek, Toby likes to change his up each time. We were going to go the Reuban this time but it was closed, so we were still happy with our fancy snags. Then made a run for it to the concert and thankfully made it.

As it was starting. Awesome lighting throughout.

Obviously an older audience, though I will say we weren’t the youngest people there :) There was also one ning nong that kept calling out, one in every crowd, as they say. He came back for 3 encores and it went for over 3 hours. I enjoyed singing all the songs.
We were so impressed with his stamina dancing all over the stage. So many good songs, gotta love the goodies and oldies…. His sense of humour was great also, nice to know your going to get class at an event and not trash.

Happy Anniversary to us!!!!

5th Year Wedding Anniversary

Posted: 05/03/2010 by Toby in Informative, News
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Yep we have now been married for 5 years. The longest relationship either of us have ever had.

How young does that make us seem? Really it just means we are behind, yep behind all those people out there that figure things out nice and young and got going.

It would have to be the year 2055 for us to make it to our 50th year Anniversary. Not sure what the chances are of that :) I would be coming up the rear of 80 years old. Hadn’t ever really pictured myself living that long. My pop on my mothers side almost made 90 and boy that seemed ancient! He still looked good though, a handsome chap. I guess it’s all to do with the quality of life.

I’ve always thought it a good idea to set goals for things we want to do in this life, have or see.

According to whomever decides such things, we should be buying one of the following gifts. Not that we paid any attention the last 4 years, so why should we now.

Traditional Anniversary Gift: Wood
Modern Anniversary Gift: Silverware

I thought it interesting that their is now a modern take on these gifts. So now we have at least 2 people that think their ideas should be adhered to, or is it just an easy way to think of something to give your significant other, because you can’t possibly think of anything yourself?

We had decided on a gift for one an other at the start of our marriage I’m glad we made it obtainable. It won’t break the bank and it reminds us of our commitment to one another. It’s gold. I almost couldn’t get them, now that would of been bad, but with persistence I came through. What can I say, gold suites us both better :)

Now we’ve hit 5 years, I guess we should set a 10 year goal, this one would need to be larger. I’m thinking an overseas holiday, just the two of us. (big grin) We might need to start saving for it now. We aren’t as close as we once were (location wise), whilst living in the states :( Greece and Barcelona are the destination.

I am awfully grateful for my husband, he is my stallion! Can’t think of anyone else I’d rather be married to. He once again came through with another poem/poetry for our special occasion. I’ll share:

Will there come a time when I grow tired of you?

Never my love

Will this heart of mine lose it’s desire for you?

Never my Love

Love won’t end when you know that my whole life

depends on you

Love won’t end I’ve asked you to spend your whole

life with me

We have been truly blessed to find one another, to have 3 beautiful children together and to know whatever may be, as my engagement ring signifies there will always be three, he, I and God/ he, I and our children. What else could we possibly need.

Don’t answer that honey! I love you…..