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You’ve Got Mail

Posted: 23/09/2009 by Toby in Gigi, Pictures, TJ
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Mail from Aunty Molly…….

TJ and Gigi received mail last week from their Aunt Molly. It was their treat/surprise after cleaning up the living room before bedtime.

They were both so excited to get mail with their names on it. I took a few shots so as to remember the occasion.

This first shot is just a memento as to how often we were looking at their cards over the following days.

I made sure to get separate and a together shot with their show pieces.

The stickers inside were part of the card. They got to stick the stickers she sent in the card, on the card. They enjoyed it. Gigi was faster at the exercise, but TJ was more precise at the exercise.

I will say Aunt Molly went the extra mile to send American state stamps, to remind them of which country they were born in :)

Thank you Aunty Molly for thinking of us…. We hope you like the mail, we sent you…..