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Toby’s cake

Posted: 12/04/2014 by Toby in Events, Pictures
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Hey everyone, Sharole did a great job on my birthday cake this year, and double points, she did it all by herself! We have usually done cakes as a team, but she went ahead and got it all decorated while I was at work. It really came up good! Take a look.

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And in case you’re wondering, YES these pictures were taken with my new 600D.



Toby was away for Gigi’s special day, doing work in Adelaide. So it was just me and the kids. First thing was Gigi waking up to her mother singing her “Happy Birthday” I got a morning photo as she made her way into the dining room to open her birthday presents. William was up and eager to see and TJ well was dragging the chain.

She had a great time opening her gifts and then before long it was time for school. She asked to take cupcakes to school for her class, which we did. We had some nice family time that night she convinced me to take them all out for dinner at the Ryde Eastwood Club. And before long it was bedtime. The main event was to be Saturday when Gran and Granddad come over and her friends are here, for the cake.

Gigi had a birthday party last year so this year she got a sleepover. She was allowed to invite 2 friends over for the night. She wanted all things Lalaloopsy, cake, clothes, anything for that matter.

Amilia and Chloe were her chosen sleepover buddies. I picked them all up from school on Friday and home they came. She opened her presents from her friends first up, yep more Lalaloopsy.


Then we had ice cream sandwiches. Water time with the hose outside. They watched the Lalaloopsy movie she got from Amilia. We had a hot dog dinner party and they had instant pudding and ice cream for dessert. I read the girls a story at bedtime.

The next morning we had breakfast and played a game. It was a dress-up game. I wrote small papers of all the different dress-ups we have. Then I put the papers all in an ice cream container. The game was.

Pick out a character and once everyone got one they had 4 minutes to find the outfit and dress-up  in it. When the timer went they had to come in to me. If they had the whole outfit they got 2 points if they had half of the outfit they got 1 point if they didn’t want to wear the outfit then no points. The winner at the end of playing got 2 prizes. It was a lot of fun. The boys weren’t really willing to wear girls outfits but the girls were willing to wear the boys. Chloe was the overall winner she was the most willing to do whatever she needed to do, to get those 2 points each round.

Some of the costumes were: a bride, cowboy, frankenstein, genie, baby, hula girl, pirate, bell, ballerina, hulk, nurse, doctor and so on. It wasn’t until making this game up that I realised some of the fun costumes we have.


When Amilia arrived we did some dancing. The love that group – One Direction, and Taio Cruz.

Once Gran and Granddad arrived and Amilia. Amilia became overtired and had to end up going home, but her mummy brought her back in the morning. We played a chance game with a dice. If you rolled a 6 you’d get to put a hat and scalf on and then you got to eat, a piece of chocolate, once you finished that piece you could eat another, and so forth, well until someone else rolled a 6, then they’d put the hat and scalf on and get to eat the chocolate, until a block of chocolate was gone almost. We then sang “Happy Birthday” and had the cake.


Yep she got a Lalaloopsy cake. We cheated this year on this. We bought a cake topper made of rice paper in the Lalaloopsy design, then we asked a friend Angela to cover our cake with fondant and put some colourful buttons around the sides. She loved it and it was a success. It got eaton all up in one day. It helped that TJ’s friends came over :) meant I didn’t have to eat any cake.

These were the happy girls.


William picked a frog for his cake this year.

Once again it was a combined effort from Toby and I. We actually make a good team when it comes to cake making. I make the cake, and shape it. Toby ices the cake and does the tubing. I then do the finishing touches. The kids love it and makes for a nice memory for them, and not a huge expense.

We had Gran and Granddad come over as did Uncle Gregg, Aunty Mel and Tom. We had a nice evening. Nana was here also, naturally.

As a special treat for William for his birthday we took him to Wiggleland with his Amegoes – Eli and Benji. They had a great time playing. William loves the Wiggles, Captain feathersword was the last of his collection of the Wiggles stuffed toys.

The adults got to sit and relax and talk whilst the boys played together.

William loved us all singing happy birthday to him.

And lastly a picture of mummy and Willy together :)

Toby and Nana took the kids to Taronga Zoo for a special family/birthday outing located on Sydney Harbour. They had a great day, took the ferry to and from our house and sadly the camera was forgotten so no pictures :(

The kids enjoyed talking about it for days, all the animals they saw etc…..