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Burning Blessing

Posted: 31/01/2012 by Sharole in Uncategorized
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This last Sunday we arrived home to a smoke alarm. At first I thought who’s is that looking around at the neighbours. Gigi had ran up to the door and said there is a noise inside, then I thought oh no it’s our house. I raced up and opened the door to a puff of smoke coming out the door as iIopened it and a house full of smoke.

First I ran to the kitchen, nope oven off, phew! Then started from one room to the next wondering what it could be. When I arrived at Gigi’s room I found the culprit.

The newly bought bedside lamp we’d gotten for Nana’s visit last year, was burned unrecognisable. Sitting their on the bedside table along with paper and Fitzroy, TJ’s first toy given by Gran and Granddad at birth. Both the toy and paper weren’t fully burnt. The curtain was also burned but not fully. Sitting right next to a mattress and more paper. The bedside table has a burnt top but didn’t ruin it or warp it or anything.

We were truly blessed. It had even put itself out. We don’t have contents insurance. Not my choice lets just say.

This last week I was paying our car insurances and she said did I want some house insurance I said well I would my hubby not so much. She said how about I send out a quote anyway, and maybe I could broach it once more. I said sure sounds good.

Now after this event, I am going ahead regardless. That said, Toby agreed.

Do you want to know how it got started?