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Home Evening

Posted: 16/12/2009 by Toby in Gigi, Pictures, TJ, William
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I keep meaning to write about our family home evening (FHE) this week, since I took some photos.  I suppose I could just post the photos, and not write much, but just for now, I’ll write up some narrative and add the photos when I get them off the camera.

FHE was fun, with the kids getting to stand on the table, under Mom and Dad’s supervision of course. You might be familiar with a little game involving a barrel of monkeys, their arms are hooked, so the idea is that the contestant grabs one, and then tries to hook an additional one, adding more to the chain until they are all dangling from the first one.

We played this game, but not with monkeys, with elephants! Their trunks and tails formed the hooks. Because TJ and Gigi were so short, and the game was being played on the table, we let them climb up so they could keep going.

With our help, TJ got up to 11 elephants and Gigi got up to 10.

Then, Mom had a special treat for us all, a type of candy called a Choo Choo Bar (or maybe Choo Choo Train?). She said the company had discontinued it at one point, and now it’s back in the candy store.  It was like a licorice-flavoured Jolly Rancher bar (like the ones I’d get as a kid in Burley) only slightly more bendable, stretchable and chewable.

Here we are eating them.

I feel I should explain the reason that the pictures are bluish (they were worse when I took them, but I’ve tried to add some color back in) is that in the dining room are CFL’s.


Posted: 25/10/2009 by Toby in Informative
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When was the last time you looked at your Mentos wrapper? What??! you don’t buy Mentos constantly like a, well, a kid in a candy store?!?? You haven’t bought Mentos before in your life?!?!??~!?!?!? Your loss. Anyway I noticed my Mentos, purchased in 4-packs, in North Sydney, are, like my cheap (and expensive) electronics (and everything else almost), made in China!

Then, I got some more Mentos at a honest to goodness candy store in Leura, and realised I never should have bought them. They were made in Indonesia, and only intended for sale in same. It said so on the wrapper. All the ingredients were in a strange language, so I actually had no idea what I was putting in my mouth and chewing and swallowing.

At the same store was a type of Mentos I had never seen (no wrapper example, however). It had a black theme, and tasted a little like caramel/licorice, and the name of the flavor was kinda strange, so I don’t remember what it was called. Really quite tasty.