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Mini Van

Posted: 15/01/2012 by Toby in Uncategorized
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As we have blabbed to anyone who will listen, our Honda Odyssey we had when we lived in the States was the best car ever. It had so many nice things that we liked, and we haven’t been able to find the equivalent.

Well, we just got ourselves a whole lot closer to what we had. It’s not exactly the same, and it has a few more bells and whistles that we probably don’t need, and the driver and passenger door are much more chunky, and there’s woodgrain throughout (yuck), but it has plenty of the nice things we really liked, and which the Volvo simply cannot provide. With the arrival of Rocky, the Volvo suddenly felt much more cramped (to me anyway), so I became adamant that we needed to swap to something else.

1) We like the siliding doors since that prevents the kids from opening their doors onto other cars. We also like the fact that usually the sliding doors are remote.

2) We like leather seats. The Volvo had this, true, but we also like the ability to recline the seats. That the Volvo did not do at all, only the front two, but nothing for the 2nd and 3rd rows.

3) Adjustable height seatbelts. Probably sounds minor, but it’s nice to have when the seatbelt is not hitting your shoulder in the right place.

4) Folding seats. The Volvo folded down flat in the back and this was good. The new car, all of the seats fold down, to create a large bay which would probably accomodate 2 full size couches.

5) Tow bar. The Volvo has a weak transmission, and because of this, it’s not a good idea to tow anything with it. Now that we have a tow bar on our new car, we’ll eventually get a trailer, and anything else we can stick on there, like a bike rack.

Need less to say I am super excited about our new car, even if it screams “soccer mom” I don’t care. I was reading recently in the book ‘All Marketers are Liars’, Seth Godin says the minivan is a very good practical car, despite the stigma that many people have associated with it – and I agree. And my Uncle Mike would agree. I remember being surprised by his choice of vehicle when he visited our family in 1992 driving a simple Dodge Caravan, and he was only a single guy (still is).

So there’s the picture. It’s a Chrysler Grand Voyager Limited.

In Australia this car is classed as a luxury car, and as such, if we bought this baby new, it would be an extra $1,000 in tax since only rich people would buy it, and another grand wouldn’t make any difference to them. Interesting side note, they now only import the diesel version as of 2010. This one is a 2008 back when you could still get a V6 and this car is a V6. Again, it does have a few bells and whistles that we probably don’t need, like automatic folding rear seats, DVD players for 2nd and 3rd row, cordless headphones, window shades for all the back windows, sunroof, self adjusting suspension for towing, alloy wheels, and the list goes on.

Here’s the strange bit though. We’ve bought this car privately (a little nerve racking, since you never really know who you’re dealing with) and it’s been quite a process to get the loan (not too bad really and a good interest rate thanks to some very nice people at the Credit Union) and then a process to get the money to the right place with the other family. As of right now, their lending company has not released the car, so the owner agreed to drive it here, but didn’t leave the keys. He’ll send the keys when the lending company gives the a-ok. Why wasn’t the check made out to the lending company in the first place? That’s a very good question. Strangely enough, when the CU did the title search, it came up as no encumberances, i.e. the lending company didn’t come up as the lien holder, so the check was made out to the seller only.

Whew what a hassle. But it’s only a few more days.

Then we get to be the seller. Anyone want a well cared for Volvo XC90??

Spider Removal continued

Posted: 24/08/2010 by Toby in Informative
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To change out a side mirror on an XC-90, you will need:

1. A replacement side mirror, hopefully of the same year make and model as your car.
2. A ratchet wrench, with a ½ inch socket.
3. A 6-point tip, as pictured. This is not a hex, but a six point, a funky little shape. I’m not even sure how these suckers are sized, so unless you already know what size, you might want to get a little set, just to be safe. Nothing like building up the old toolset anyway, right?

Now that you have all the gear, it’s time to start ripping! First, I’d like to acknowledge the instructions I obtained before I even started out. There are a few (very few) sets of instructions out there for the XC-90, and probably for other models as well, they can be found here. (website reference to be added later)

First, I turned the car off completely. The instructions told me to do this.

Then, I removed the little triangle that sits just opposite the side mirror on the inside of the door. It came off with a little prying (there’s nothing holding it on but a few bits of plastic and hope). Behind it there’s a bit of foam with a hole pattern that matches the bits of plastic. I disconnected the grey plug from the little speaker.

Then I removed the silvery handle. It literally just lifted out with a little prying.

I put these pieces in a safe place.

Next, there were two screws behind that silvery handle. These had to come out with the six-point tip. I used a regular old screwdriver with a ratcheting action.

After the screws were out and in a safe place – like the cup holder in the middle console - I pulled the panel off by prying the edges with my fingers. The edges are only held on by plastic nipples like these:

After the panel was off, I pulled out the plug that was going in where the window switches were while holding the panel. It’s not a heavy panel, and I managed to hold it with one hand along the top, and with the other hand remove the plug.

When the panel came off, the cable connected to the door lock came loose, and the rod going up from the lock was hanging free. That would have to be positioned in the hole at the top of the panel when I put the panel back.


I disconnected the wires coming from the side mirror, which power the motors – a green plug.

Finally, I could get out that ratchet and take off the nut holding the side mirror. There’s only one. After the nut was off, I pulled the mirror away, and the wires for the internal motors slid out easily through a square hole, which happened to be the exact shape to let the green plug through. The door without the mirror looked like this:

Then I simply reversed the whole process to get the new side mirror back on, and voilá! I was done!

3 Christmases

Posted: 24/12/2009 by Toby in Gigi, Informative, TJ, William
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What a week it has been!

First we had a Tuesday event at Uncle Gregg’s and Auntie Mel’s,

then we had Christmas Eve dinner and presents here at Gran and Granddad’s,

then we had some more present opening today, on Christmas morning!

Pictures to follow…

The Beastie – Earl

Posted: 15/06/2009 by Toby in News, Pictures
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We are now the owners of a 1993 Toyota Camry Stationwagon. Grey in colour with a purple undertone :) We paid a whopping $3200. We’ve been told these Camry’s are good cars and keep on going forever, lets hope so at 155,000 kilometres. Seems an old lady had it last. That said the last car I had after an old lady actually earnt me money, so I shaln’t complain.

At this point I should mention that I never expected to be an owner of this type of car in my life. But alas, thus the time has come. We are a family of 5 and just fit in, with some space in the back for strollers etc….. It fits our budget for starting from scratch and will keep us humble.

I picked her up on Friday and couldn’t help myself, by making mention to the car yard employees that I was astounded, at how they had no regard for their workplace by littering cigarette butts all over the ground everywhere, is it really that hard to make a bin available to put them collectively in? I said what ever happened to pride in your workplace. Not much came back in response! A few shoulders strugging. Lets just say the car yard employees went right along with the price range they were selling, cheap!

That said I feel it’s important to learn to love her, I mean him and give Earl the love and respect he deserves so he’ll treat us well and take car of us whilst we have him. I don’t know why but normally I think of cars as being female, but this car is definitely a man.

Today whilst TJ and I were out on errands we made a stop at a pick-n-take store, where I managed to pick up two small screw covers that were missing from the passenger side doors arm holders and a switch/button for the radio/cassette player (all free), yep she’s still got a cassette in her. I am tempted to see if it still works. I still have some of my old tapes.

Anyone remeber “Bounce Back” a Mormon advertising tape given out in Australia at least in the 80′s, love that tape. It actually came up in conversation since I’ve been home and my sister is already hassassing me for a copy of it. My very first cassette was “the Nolan Sisters” it was a compilation of songs from various artists song by them. I guess I’ll have to wait till the shipment comes in to give those a go, I will make sure to start with a tape I don’t car about first, just in case it gets chewed up. I did price getting a more modern cd player put in, but just for a point of reference for now, not exactly a priority, the radio works. I learned today from the radio that you can claim all your kids schooling needs as a tax reduction. I made a note to tell Toby that one so to be make sure we do it when the time comes.

Earl allows us the chance to break out and visit friends, not harrass my parents to get places and just get some plain old independence.

Yep Earl’s his name!

There’s a Hole in My Heart

Posted: 04/05/2009 by Toby in News
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My black Civic has been sold and I feel like crying.  Literally.  It’s not very manly I know, but I have had that car for 10 years from the time she was a frisky new puppy to now, she’s a seasoned veteran of the road.  She and I have been through so much together, I’ve logged at least 150 of the 159,000 miles she had.

She went to our neighbor’s aunt’s kid, a teen who’s incredibly spoiled to be getting such a nice car for his first wheels.