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To cough or not to cough

Posted: 31/03/2009 by Toby in News
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The last month and a half, I’ve been struggling with a cough that’s at it’s worst at night time and specifically when I hit the hay. I had it for about 2 weeks (not much sleep as a result) then the symptoms reduced so as to not be so annoying, then again about 2 weeks later it’s up and going strong once more.

I keep managing to wake up William and believe it or not Toby, probably more from the vibration of the cough and me trying to contain it than the noise it’s producing I think. I am constantly clearing my throat and it reminds me of how annoying that noise in itself is, when I hear other people do it.

Finally Toby said go and see a Doctor will you, so yesterday I finally went and all I got was there’s no infection, drink lots of fluid, and soup with pepper (it’s a decongestant), he also said get a humidifier, well I just got rid of that about 2 weeks ago in preparation for our move, and suck on honey, well that isn’t going to happen I dislike honey quite a lot, unless it’s honey carrots then I’m ok with it.

He gave me a prescription for a cough syrup and one for an anti-biotic that he said only to fill if I start getting lots of green flem and my symptoms don’t improve. So off I went to get the cough syrup filled. I dropped it off at the drive-through drop off at CVS (gotta love drive-throughs, when you have 3 small kids). An hour later I came back and the woman said that will be $50!

I started to clear my throught once more and asked her to repeat it, she said $50. So I said is my insurance covering any of it, she said let me check, and came back with $10.60 was all my insurance was putting in. WHAT!!!! We pay $500 per month and they are only covering $10.60 of it. I said I don’t even know if that will even help, and at $50 I wasn’t really prepared to shell out and left. She understood. I then called Tobes and told him, he also was shocked at the price. He agreed with me, FORGET IT.

For the price of $50 for some syrup, I would expect to turn into a beautiful princess and have a spunky spunky prince and a beautiful white steed instead of an ass.