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White Water Rafting

Posted: 14/09/2009 by Toby in News, Pictures
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This year I bought my father a ticket to go White Water Rafting with his 2 older boys, nephew, and son-in-law for his 66th birthday. My dad has done canoing and such but never down the winding white water rapids. There is a place that was built for it here in Penrith (man made) for the Olympics and is supposed to be quite good. Gregg, Seth, Tom and Toby all went, this is Toby’s Father’s Day Gift also, nice to wrap them all in 1 I say, wink!

This last weekend was perfect weather to be on the water. After the boys were all suited up and had there OH&S talk they were ready to hit the rapids. The kids and I got there one hour later and met Aunty Mel there also to see the event unfold. Before too long up the conveyor belt they came and onto the water they went.

The first line up was Toby to the front right (red shirt), with Uncle Gregg behind and, Uncle Seth up the back right, with granddad and Tom on the left second and third position.

They had 3 other people on the boat, it was a girls 16th birthday gift and she was with 2 boys. So they got put on their raft also. They all got moved about a bit so as to experience different positions in the raft. They were having a good time and then at a certain point they have them all hop out and those that want to hop back in to have a whirlpool type experience, where they have to try and stay in the boat. Some good old entertainment for all.

Granddad sat that one out and honestly I was glad, I was nervous that he might fall out. Toby was the first to come out of the raft the instructor yelled out hold on but alas, Toby had no hearing aides on, so before too long he let go and started drifting down the rapids, I started to wonder if he deliberately let go for more fun, a rope was thrown and in he came, to watch the others work it out, Uncle Gregg came out a few times but got back in and Uncle Seth did a flip in and then proceeded in the turbulance to flip right back out again, and in and out and it was fun to watch it all. Tom was the only one in the gang that stayed in the whole time.

Then back to it. I started thinking when will I get to go, I love white water rafting I really enjoyed the time I went down through the Canadian Rockies with my brother Seth back in 1998.

Above are the happy rafters. My nephew Tom said it was the best thing he’s done in his life, thus far! That to me was a successful man activity and a compliment to my idea. I won’t mention that my dad had wobbly legs after and the fresh water were in holes he’d not had in a very long time. Lets just say my dad has never been into water much in his life, but I can’t help but think it’s good to get to try as much as you can whilst we are here in this life I say. All adds to good stories to tell.

I was glad dad got to experience it. And with his family.