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Bowling- Double Date

Posted: 22/06/2008 by Toby in Funny, News
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After a shaky start to our double date with this that and the other, off we went, left the kids with the babysitter and headed to the Bowling Alley for some fun.

We played 2 games, and a couple game, 2 against 2. Toby slammed us three in the first game. The second game the other guy (whom will remain unnamed) was saying that the lack of music was ruining his game, so he put in his ipod and sure enough his game improved 100%. He managed to take out the second round.

Game three, couples round, this is always a worry for the gal (wink) to make sure she doesn’t disappoint the man in her life, mine being Toby naturally. This meant 5 bowls each to see who would win, come round 9 and I realised that the gals would finish the game, Toby was telling the the other chick miss the pins ok, at this point we were only one point apart.

First roll the ball started left and went right missing the pins altogether, second ball started right and went all the way left and missed once more, her man was not happy, putting his head down. We were all laughing and I said phew well at least the pressure is off me, if I score zero also then we still win.

Up I went I had been trying methodical most of the evening but towards the end I got crazy with the ball (along with ball in my belly) and pelted those balls down the lane.

Ball one – strike

Ball two – strike

Ball three – strike!!!!!!


Classic, everyone was shocked! We all laughed. I was so excited not to disappoint. The funny thing was the couple had not long mentioned when this had happened once before to a friend of there’s. Granted it may have been a fluke, but for our blog I’m gonna say it was skill and there is nothing like impressing at the end when it remains remembered.

All in all it was a good evening, it’s so nice to have date nights!