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Rose Seidler House

Posted: 12/03/2010 by Toby in News, Pictures
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Toby and I got a date for our 5th Wedding Anniversary. Toby picked a designer house of a well known architect here in Australia, Harry Seidler. I thought he was born in America. However I was wrong. He was born in Vienna, went to school in England. Lived in Canada behind wire fences during the war, then the States for his degree in Architecture and then moved to Australia where his family had migrated.

The house we visited was a 1948 house, way ahead of it’s time built for his parents. The house is named after his mother, Rose. As you’ll see there were gobs of people there, too many in my opinion. The problem with free entry! A one off hence the issue I suppose.

Some lovely garden areas and rock work, bush views right around the house, privacy no neighbours at arms distance, fruit trees, so even self sufficient! A hills hoist, a carport via using the house (brilliant for back then), the kitchen had a s/s sink all in one piece, which was great! They had all the modern and newly designed commodities like a dishwasher, fridge/freezer, washing machine, wall mounted ironing board.

The house reminded me of a 1960’s design. There were parts I liked but overall it wasn’t my thing. The bright garish colours were particularly a low point to enjoying the space (pictured here. Toby was most happy with the bathrooms because all the facilities were in one room. He’s not liked the fact that toilets are separated from the showers and in cases the sinks also, since living here.  The bathroom even had ground breaking heating and cooIing systems installed wall mounted. I liked the stone work and the square shapes and it certainly had the open spaces all linked and smaller bedrooms happening. Toby liked the massive sliding door onto the deck. IN the picture above can you see the hidden door entrance to the master-bedroom?

Mostly it was just nice to get some time alone. It sure doesn’t happen much these days and when we do, we are normally exhausted. We seriously need to find some babysitters that can handle 3 kids and it not be a chore, would be an added bonus.