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In Which My Eardrum Bursts

Posted: 16/04/2010 by Toby in News
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This last couple weeks our family has been struggling with germs of the lungs, throat, and nose, and possibly head.  Well, early this week, Sharole took it up another level when she got an ear infection. The kind she gets are not necessarily limited to the ear, hers extend outwards flowing down the shoulder and up the side of her head. Maybe that’s why she has such good hearing (on days) because her ear isn’t actually contained in that small area bounded by the helix to the north and the lobe to the south.

Then, two nights ago, I wake up and realise that I forgot to perform the hex against the demons of the ear, and sprinkle magic powder around me, and wear garlic because suddnely the side of my head feels like it has a spike being driven through it, right about where my ear canal used to be. For those of you who haven’t had a spike driven through the side of your head at the location of your ear canal, I think it would be about as painful as having caught an ear infection from your wife.  I took a small silo’s worth of pain pills and tried to get back to sleep. I also got one of those hot pads and put it on my pillow, with my head/ear on it, which seemed to make it feel a little better.  In the morning it wasn’t as bad, it had reduced to approximately a dull ache. And I went to work.

I was pretty good about keeping myself dosed up so the ear didn’t slow me down. I took some before bed as well.

Then that guy with the hammer and spike is back, and this time, he’s starting to do damage. I wake up, and my ear is all wet inside. i keep reaching in with my finger, and the finger keeps coming out with ear juice on it. It didn’t really cross my mind at the time to taste it, so I’m not really able to tell you what it tasted like.  I’m pretty sure what happened was that the sore throat, plus swollen eustachian tube caused the infection to overwhelm the barrier that is the ear drum.

The most worrisome part of the experience is the anxiety I feel about the low level of hearing I’m at now. I’d hate for it to go any lower than it is. I might have to quit work, or something.. I’m pretty sure that would be tragic.