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Rory’s in trouble

Posted: 13/08/2010 by Sharole in Events, News
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Nuff said (:

Jewish Bris Milah

Posted: 31/12/2008 by Toby in Informative, News
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Definition: Brit milah (Hebrew: ??????? ?????? [b?’r?t m?’l?] literally: “covenant of circumcision“), also berit milah (Sephardi), bris milah (Ashkenazi pronunciation) or bris (Yiddish) is a religious ceremony within Judaism to welcome infant Jewish boys into a covenant between God and the Children of Israel through ritual circumcision performed by a mohel (“circumciser”), on the eighth day of the child’s life unless health reasons force a delay, in the presence of family and friends, followed by a celebratory meal (seudat mitzvah).

Yesterday Toby and I were honoured to be invited to a Jewish Bris of one of Toby’s friends. Firstly I should say it’s much easier to see someone else’s baby get the snip, thankfully so far I’ve not had to be present for my own children.

I was interested as to how it was done but didn’t get the best seat in the house so I didn’t get to see the whole procedure, before long it was done and hardly any crying at all, he was a real trooper, and such a cutie. Apparently it is done on the 8th day of their birth. So Toby took the day off of work and we had TJ and Gigi babysat and little William came with us.

William was a real hit ladies and young boys were wanting to hold him all over the place, which allowed us to eat and enjoy the people and conversations. And it never hurts to get compliments about your kids, smile. Toby and I left the event thinking wow what lovely people. Maybe we need to find ourselves some more Jewish friends.

We were both grateful for that new experience and I guess I should admit it I was a little emotional, sitting there holding the tears back as the Grandparents said their pieces in the ceremony. I’m not sure if they are personal messages or set scripts but it was lovely to hear.

And now William has a playmate his age. There were at least 3 other babies at the event, and all boys, 2008 certainly was the year for boys to be born.