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Rory’s in trouble

Posted: 13/08/2010 by Sharole in Events, News
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Nuff said (:

Introducing my newest niece Lucy Jean Frater. Daughter to my brother Seth.

After going into the hospital on Friday as Louise’s fluid levels were low, they wanted to keep an eye on her since she was already overdue. They attempted to induce her with the cream/gel with no luck then again. Finally they put a drip in and 3.5 house later she was born at 10.39pm on Saturday night 7th August.

The next day we found out that she weighed 7lb 1oz. At first they were thinking about calling her Rosie but it changed as you can see at the top of this posting. My mum got a mention in the name, as you can see.

This month called August sure is filling up between the O’Hara’s and the Frater’s. 7 in total so far.

They went home on Sunday and we got to visit on Monday. Gigi was so good with Lucy. Both William and Gigi loved getting to dote on Lucy. TJ missed this visit as he was at school. So Tuesday he got to visit. I forgot to take more pictures (oops).

Seth is a proud as punch daddy.

Welcome Lucy to our family.

Funny note: Yesterday the name Lucy came up and Seth said who is that? Mum and I said your daughter! Oh yeah that’s right :)

Who’s muh 3rd cousin again?

Posted: 23/06/2010 by Toby in Informative

I don’t mean the 3rd kid born to my parent’s siblings, but that title – 3rd cousin – how does that work?

This came up at work… my workmate’s cousin’s kid, and I correctly told her it was her first cousin once removed – technically.

So I asked wikipedia, and sure enough there was a cool chart to spell it all out for ya, with ratings, even, to tell you how much of the gene pool you have in common.


Posted: 30/03/2010 by Toby in Informative, News
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Not sure if anyone remembers a TV show called “30 Something”. I vaguely remember liking it. I wasn’t anywhere near 30 at the time. Anyway…

Last weekend was my very 1st acquired sister-in-law’s 40th Birthday Party. I was excited to go and celebrate in her 40th year celebration.

I’ve known Melissa since she was 16 years old. So that makes more than half of her life. I also realised that we aren’t much different in age at all, only 5 years. Which is nothing at our age.

Melissa had a lovely silk dress on and very very high heels. She looked amazing, I just wish I had a photo to put up on this post. Maybe Brooke (my niece) will email me one. I made the silly mistake of forgetting my camera.

It was at the Richmond RSL club near their home. When we arrived we were presented with a $5000 chip to gamble with. There were 3 tables Black Jack, Craps and Roulette. Having never played any of these games before I had no idea what I was doing.

So I went about looking at what others were doing and finally took the plunge and exchanged my token for smaller denominations so as to start playing. Toby was already playing at that point. I started at craps, was there for a while and then moved over to roulette. By the time I finally got up the courage to try black Jack it was impossible to get a seat it was full.

We spent the majority of the evening playing these games chatting with one another and some drinking well many were drinking, us not so much, the best we got was a lemon-lime and bitters. Which no one seemed to know what that was in the States. It’s a fancy drink for non drinkers. Very nice.

By the end of the night they wanted us to tally up our money and the one with the most won a prize. One person had grown their $5,000 to $59,000. I on the other hand had my true conservative side some out and had only near where I started out with.

It was interesting to realise that even in a play world I still played it safe. The ones that took bigger risks surely did come out with better results. However when I did try and be brave and risk more I lost. My small bets were paying off and everything time I took a larger bet, lost it.

Anyone want to tell me what that means about my luck or personality? Grin….

Anyway it was a fun night had by all. Many faces I saw that I’d not seen in a long time. Some looked the same and I mean the same as they did 20 years earlier.

I feel glad to have Melissa as my sister-in-law. She is lovely, kind and loving, easy to get along with, she loves my kids, helps when she can, what more can you ask for.

Happy Birthday Melissa

Belated Congrats

Posted: 23/07/2009 by Toby in Funny, Pictures

Just wanna say congrats to my sister for getting pregnant. It’s on Nils’ website so I assume it’s public knowledge by now.

I’m predicting that the baby, if it is a girl like Nils wants, will look a little like Jennifer Aniston. I tried to take little bits of each one to make a fairly accurate picture of what the child will look like as a grown up.

First, the proud parents:

And little Jen

For more fun of a similar nature, see Conan O’Brien’s “if they mated”

Our Traveling Cousin

Posted: 28/12/2008 by Toby in Informative, News
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Over Christmas and for the last few days we’ve had Sharole’s cousin Charlotte staying with us. We’ve had a great time teaching her canasta, taking her shopping at the outlet mall in Gettysburg, and doing a little sight-seeing in Baltimore.

She, Sharole, and the kids also went to the Washington DC temple and Visitors Center to see the nativity and the lights there. It was beautiful, and the nativity featured two people who volunteered their time to be Mary and Joseph, so it was a live nativity scene. Sharole said the Mary was almost 6 feet tall, about the same height as the Joseph. Impressive!


Posted: 29/11/2008 by Toby in News
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We have had my parents here as well as most of my siblings (bar one, she is in Romania), and it has been a great time.  For me, it’s been nice to sleep in, and not have to go to work, I’ve taken some time off.

Surprisingly, our first turkey turned out pretty well.  It was not overcooked, and was still juicy.  We didn’t really have room to do the traditional long table with all the food, with the head of the table carving the turkey.  I did the — not so much carving — more like cutting up ahead of time, and we went and piled up our plates and found somewhere to sit in the dining room or living room.  The kids have been very good about eating from their little table while the family is here, it allows more room at the main table.  The only downside is that they can get up whenever they feel like, it’s not such a long journey down from the big chair, so they’re up and running around before they’ve finished their food.

Later that evening we got out the ‘Dance Dance Revolution’ and then the Gran Tourismo 4.  The racing game was more of a hit than I expected.  Even Dad joined in and did quite well.  He actually won a few races!

Today, some of the group will be headed to DC for some sightseeing, and some of us will be headed to a large playground in Germantown.  It should be lots of fun for all.