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Mini Break

Posted: 23/09/2009 by Toby in Gigi, News, Pictures
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In the words of Mark Darcy from Bridget Jones Diary –

For those of you unfamiliar it means a short weekend holiday away.

This last weekend we took a trip up to my sister Nicky’s. We were a little concerned we weren’t going to make it after getting problem’s with getting our car back after having central locking installed. Thankfully we managed to get it back, minus the fobs but still it didn’t hold us back.

Side note: we like having a fobbed car once more :)

It was a lovely weekend and reminded me how nice it is to just get out of our normal surroundings for a short time.

One of the enjoyable moments was taking a walk around the back streets of Bulahdelah then sitting on nice grass and letting the kids play and Toby and I relaxing in the afternoon sun, without a care in the world.

Short Story: I took lollie (candy) treats for everyone for the weekend. The little kids had gone to sleep before they got theirs, so I put them aside for the next day. In the morning Gigi or was it TJ was asking for ice cream for breakfast, thinking my sister would naturally say “no” I said “ask your Aunt”. Aunty Nicky of course did the opposite and said sure. I said hey, you were supposed to say “no”, she responded “well I’m going to spoil them”, and she said at least it’s not chocolate!

I said OIC and then said, Ezra would you like some chocolate, and he promptly said “yes”, so I went and got the chocolate and handed it all out. Ezra, TJ and Gigi were in kiddy heaven.

What they are eating is called a Chocolate freckle, it was followed by a white chocolate frog. You can just see how happy Ezra is, it was a great shot!

Ezra Pictures

Posted: 13/05/2008 by Toby in News
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You’ve been dying to see pictures of our newest nephew and now the wait is over.

Nicky and Ezra templeRonald and EzraEzra

What a cute baby! (you can click each picture to get a larger version)

So far we don’t really have any funny stories about him, like being dropped in the spaghetti, or being bounced on the trampoline, or him peeing on the couch, but as these stories come along, we just might share one or two. Of course, that all depends on whether our own children’s stories are better.

For example: Last night, Gigi forgot to chew on a piece of peach and tried to swallow the chunk whole. It lodged in her throat. She is still alive today because of all that CPR I learned when I was training to be a nurse’s aide. I placed one hand at her back and smacked her chest, forcing air from her lungs to pop the peach piece out. For all of you know know that’s the reverse of what I should have done for an infant I say it’s the results that count, right? Afterwards she was crying and snotting and blubbering like something awful had just happened. Jeez.

I think our next FHE topic should be ‘how to show gratitude when someone saves your life.’


Posted: 22/03/2008 by Toby in News
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I finally got a first look at my new nephew. Nicky sent some pictures over email. I’m not sure what her preferences are for posting for the world to see, but if she gives the ok, I’ll put one on our flickr page.