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Barn for all our Craft Farm Animals

Posted: 23/10/2009 by Toby in Gigi, News, Pictures, TJ
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Yep, it was time to create a home for all of our animals.

Granted a few aren’t really barn animals, like when we made a scarecrow, and a butterfly, but hey it’s all about learning new things and making things with our hands.

As I mentioned in a previous blog about our animal making, it’s hard for Gigi’s animals to make it long in full form. This is what happened to her butterfly! Her sheep now has no fur….

Oh I almost forgot we have a set of kangaroo’s, we can’t have a barn without Kangaroo’s, living in Australia now!

The kids really enjoy this time, we get to make the noises the animals would make, talk about each of the animals, now all we need is some pastures to put the animals out for feeding, grass (ideas? none messy if at all possible). We made some troffs for water, from an egg carton.

I was especially happy with our barn doors, ok and the paper I found to put around the outside of the barn :) (look above).

Now I’m deciding if we should make a roof for the barn? Decisions decisions…..