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Shoe Fetish

Posted: 13/07/2008 by Toby in Uncategorized
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Seems my daughter and I will get on just fine.

She’s already found herself a passion in life. It’s shoes. She’s always at my feet putting a shoe in my face to put on her, if I don’t respond quickly she’s on the ground crying as to her disappointment.

She’s also managed to figure out the art of taking her shoes off fine, however putting them on is still a skill she’s developing.

Whether we are going out of not Gigi prefers to meander about the house with shoes on, seems to give her a certain inner satisfaction, once the shoes are on off she struts. The downside is once TJ sees she got shoes on, he connects that to, we are going out and promptly starts a be-line for his shoes to whip on in anticipation of a new environment or adventure.

I read an article the other day whilst at the gym and it was talking about how an actress (Gweneth Paltrow) boxes up all the clothes and shoes that she no longer wears or never wore etc… as she buys new things (seasonally mind due) in the possibility of her daughter may one day find these items treasures or as we name our parents clothes and shoes (vintage). It got me to thinking how my sister and I liked to try on and wear our mothers clothing as teenagers, so then I started thinking about my daughter and how over the years it’s been hard to part with certain shoes and clothes that Gigi may love one day. My mind starts to wonder.

Reality then hits me as I prefer not to be a hoarder and have been working up the courage to throw out a bunch more shoes (that haven’t had a wear in a long while) to make room for new ones that may take my fancy, wink! Also we aren’t rich so we can’t afford storage and such on maybe’s like movie stars.

As I was writing this Gigi was in my shoes and trying to get me to put them on her, her feet are still a bit small to handle mine, but maybe not for long as I’m only a size 6. So for your delight a picture!