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A few weeks back I did an FHE on the digestive system in our house. I enjoyed finding pictures of all the internal organs and cutting them out with separate name tags.

I decided to use one of the kids toys to be the throat/item to stick all the parts to it was also tubular so we could put pretend food in adn have fecal pretend matter come out the other end. They had to figure out what picture was what organ, then in what order do they go, once food goes into their mouths, and then I would tell them more about what each organ does. It kept their attention and it helped we let them stick it all on.



Home Evening

Posted: 16/12/2009 by Toby in Gigi, Pictures, TJ, William
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I keep meaning to write about our family home evening (FHE) this week, since I took some photos.  I suppose I could just post the photos, and not write much, but just for now, I’ll write up some narrative and add the photos when I get them off the camera.

FHE was fun, with the kids getting to stand on the table, under Mom and Dad’s supervision of course. You might be familiar with a little game involving a barrel of monkeys, their arms are hooked, so the idea is that the contestant grabs one, and then tries to hook an additional one, adding more to the chain until they are all dangling from the first one.

We played this game, but not with monkeys, with elephants! Their trunks and tails formed the hooks. Because TJ and Gigi were so short, and the game was being played on the table, we let them climb up so they could keep going.

With our help, TJ got up to 11 elephants and Gigi got up to 10.

Then, Mom had a special treat for us all, a type of candy called a Choo Choo Bar (or maybe Choo Choo Train?). She said the company had discontinued it at one point, and now it’s back in the candy store.  It was like a licorice-flavoured Jolly Rancher bar (like the ones I’d get as a kid in Burley) only slightly more bendable, stretchable and chewable.

Here we are eating them.

I feel I should explain the reason that the pictures are bluish (they were worse when I took them, but I’ve tried to add some color back in) is that in the dining room are CFL’s.


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Sharole had a great idea last night, we all went up to the Germantown library. They have a huge kids section, right on the first floor (or if you look at the elevator the ‘G-star’ floor).

We spent some time reading books to TJ, and Sharole went and pulled out this HUGE book, each page covered with detailed drawings of lots of things going on with little labels showing each word for each thing. The first thing TJ saw was a cat, and he immediately said ‘cat!’ It was Richard Scarry’s Biggest Word Book Ever!

As soon as we arrived, Gigi must have seen a visible-to-kids-only sign at the entrance saying “Throw Everything On The Floor” and she was not one to disobey such instructions. Everywhere she went she grabbed, and dropped as much as she could. She got herself onto a chair at one point, and got stuck. We thought we were on to a good thing. This limited her movements, but did not limit her mouth, so we eventually had to help her down.

The library used the back side of the last row of shelves, which was a long metal surface, and had magnetic letters and shapes all the way along it. Gigi proceeded to throw just about all of them on the floor. When that was done, she turned around and found a shelf with books on it, and started throwing all those books on the floor as well. As I dragged her away from the mess, she was still valiantly reaching for more books, and squirming, trying desperately to accomplish her appointed mission.

Sharole and I also discovered a treasure trove of DVDs on the 3rd floor (1, according to the elevator), all just waiting to be checked out for free, and not due for a week!