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Halloween – 2012

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Our friends the Wilson’s hold a Halloween Party each year and this year it was, granted – a week early, however our family were excited to go and have a nice time.

I got a bargain on some outfits for Toby right after Halloween last year and so he was sorted this year. All we needed was a hat and gun. William has asked to be Batman, I said you were Batman last year can we do something else? the answer was no, then I found out that his friend Eli was going as Batman, and so I said to William why not try something else for this year, and have some fun with it, he said ok, I’ll go as Hulk. Gigi wasn’t fussed and so I found a nice outfit for her well I thought so until Toby said that’s horrible! She wore it anyway and I had 4 other mothers asking me where they could find it for their daughter, and TJ well it’s obvious. I just hope he doesn’t ask for Pokemon next year.

Toby: Gangster
Sharole: Mad Scientist
TJ: Ben 10
Gigi: Witch
William: Hulk
Rocky: Spock

Sadly we didn’t get a family shot.

Rocky admittedly has a next generation outfit there, but we kept it simple and Toby drew on the eyebrows. The first one doesn’t show it. The last one is of Rocky and Eve fighting over a balloon. Eve (the pussycat) is 4 months younger than Rocky. Btw he won.

We all felt pretty good about our outfits however there were some awesome ones. Our friends the Tuckers went as The Incredibles and James and Courtney went as Bart and Marge Simpson, sadly I didn’t get a photo of them together.

Cool huh! Most everyone dressed up, which was great. Sadly it was such a hot day not everyone stayed in their garb. The kids forgot to bring their loot bags again and in the end, they ended up with plastic bags and then William left his behind anyway.
On actual Halloween day 31st October they went trickle treating with their friends around the neighbourhood. Oddly enough it’s getting more popular here and there were many houses with balloons out front showing that they were Halloween friendly. TJ and Gigi came home with fully loaded loot bags, thank goodness they don’t have huge bags. They had a a blast. Fun all round.

This pumpkin didn’t have a good experience!

This year Toby managed to find some of our costume’s in our boxes for the kids. Willy went as Frankenstein he was pretty darn cute, don’t know how we didn’t get a picture. Gigi wanted to be a princess, and TJ well like normal had to make everything difficult as ever. He wore several part costumes superman/wizard and dork.

A group of our friends gathered for Halloween this year. James and Courtney Wilson being our ever so kind hosts. Courtney did a great job of having games and things for the kids to do. Below making mummy’s.

My food contributions were 3 fold.

Vein Eyes, came out pretty good I think!

Scary Teeth – healthy alternative

Oh dear I can’t remember the third one and no picture. On the way down Gigi had a nap, Toby caught it on camera. It was a HOT day. I have no idea how TJ coped in long sleeves.

The winner couple dress-up by far were The Tuckers as the Addam’s Family.

Addams family

Addam's family

We all had a great day.


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You may have noticed a few shots of William from Halloween up on the blog, that was because his father was the most excited about the Star Trek costume. However non picturesque our pictures are of the kids this year, there are a few I want to post for your viewing pleasure.

TJ was Frankenstein, Gigi was a fairy, William was the Captain.

As you can see Gigi is rather keen on her younger brother, she’d be smothering him all day if we let her.

Beyond Far Point

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First Officers Log, stardate 31102008.9

While conducting a survey mission on the planet Tachron IV we were attacked a race of unknown beings. For reasons unexplained, contact with these beings causes full grown adults to revert to infantcy. The captain was one of the first to discover this phenomenon. If it were not illogical, I would be reduced to tears right about now. MY CAPTAIN IS A CRYBABY!! Er.. First Officer out.