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Derry Township – Chocolate Town

Posted: 05/05/2009 by Toby in Informative, News
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On Saturday just gone our family took a trip to Hershey, PA. It was a great day we managed to get out the door by 9am and arrived there at 11am for a full day of activities.

We started at the Hershey Chocolate World, we bought tickets for the history trolley ride and then had some time to kill before that started, so took the tour in a boat explaining to us how the chocolate is made (free samples, yum), it was fun, and the kids loved it.

Did a little window shopping in the store (I admit I was surprised at how much chocolate people were buying since the chocolate can be found at any supermarket and it wasn’t even cheaper), we then headed out for the tour.

Let me just say we got a great Tour Guide, he was informative, funny and made it a very pleasant experience. Hershey is a lovely town, so rich with history and established by Milton Hershey himself. He did so much good there, so many great buildings and schools, and an amusement park, hotel, a zoo called Zoo America, theatre, homesteads, churches…. and much more, it was a beautiful town.

This is the 2nd largest free standing Dome in the world, the largest being in Rome. It was huge! I love architecture. I loved the fact it was full of great stories how Milton helped so many people and used his money for good and still does, the kids that attend his school (1900 students at a time) . Not having any children to bestow his legacy to he had a trust formed in 1912, at that stage the company was worth $60,000,000 way back then, that was amazing to me and now it’s worth billions! He had such vision and never gave up on his ideas, it’s a story that makes you want to touch more peoples lives for good.

We had lunch at Hershey Gardens, and then started our driving town tour which allowed the kids to get a nap and then back to Hershey World for the 3D Show where we got water dropped on us, not exactly delightful, Tobes and I had short sleeves on and so felt it quite a bit, the kids had long sleeves on and I don’t think even noticed it, typical! I picked up my token fridge magnet, as I normally do for our special outings, and started on our way home at 7.30pm.

We finally got home at 11pm at night, we had a stop off for dinner and a regrouping for Toby and I on the way home. All in all a great family day, we look forward to many more, yay…..

We highly recommend a visit to Hershey and when our kids are older we’d definitely come back for the Amusement park :) And as I told a friend, I think I could easily live there.