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Inherent risk of injury

Posted: 05/05/2012 by Toby in Uncategorized
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Last Saturday I joined 4 other guys on a bike ride in the Blue Mountains. I still don’t think my new build is ready for the big time, so I took my tried and tested Cannondale again. This time, I swapped my flash wheels onto the bike, to give them a spin. They were fine, only I’m going to have to get another freewheel, I got the wheels second hand with spokes and hubs all together, but the freewheel keeps coming disengaged.

It was a lot of work, and a real eye-opener to me how out of shape I am. I’m also getting old in that my head rattles a lot more, and my eyeballs rattle more inside my head. As soon as I hit a large patch of loose rocks, I got a bit thrown around. And came off the bike. Thankfully the pedals weren’t set too tight so they let go of me and allowed me to sail face first into the rocks. I slid somewhat gracefully to a halt on my hands knees and belly. My hands were fine, as I decided on a whim to wear my lovely 19 year old gloves, which are starting to show signs of disintigration, but my knees did not fare as well.

On the plus side, here is my same knee just 7 days later.