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Darth Sidious

Posted: 14/03/2015 by Sharole in William
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IMG_3338-s emperor2

Is anyone seeing a likeness here?

P.S. you might be surprised how hard it is to find a picture of Sidious/Palpatine with an actual frown – normally it’s an evil cackle.

Nana arrives for her Aussie visit

Posted: 17/10/2011 by Sharole in Uncategorized
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Nana arrived here from the US on 13th October. Just in time for William’s birthday and the birth of Rocky.
The kids have warmed upto her very quickly. William has a habit though of calling Nana, Emily. He does it many times a day, seems no matter how many times we correct him he still reverts to Emily.
Explaining to him that this is Nana and Aunty Emily is in Bogata, Columbia. William is really enjoying having Nana do things with him and having an alterative to mummy since she is stuck often feeding Rocky.

Nana brought some cards from Aunty Ellen and Nana a book each for our munchkins and a scarf for Gigi.

We are all loving having Nana here with us.


Posted: 14/11/2008 by Toby in Uncategorized
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You may have noticed a few shots of William from Halloween up on the blog, that was because his father was the most excited about the Star Trek costume. However non picturesque our pictures are of the kids this year, there are a few I want to post for your viewing pleasure.

TJ was Frankenstein, Gigi was a fairy, William was the Captain.

As you can see Gigi is rather keen on her younger brother, she’d be smothering him all day if we let her.

Harvest Festival

Posted: 06/10/2008 by Toby in Informative, News
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This weekend we attended the local Harvest Festival at the Agricultural History Farm Park, turns out it’s only about 5 mins from our place, who knew! I have to admit Montgomery County has many family orientated activities and parks and such around here, this is surely one of the benefits of living here.

The kids got to pump water the old fashioned way, TJ attempted to washboard clean an item of clothing, and Gigi hung it up to dry with daddy, they beat floor rugs, picked up chicken eggs, got to pat and see various farm animals, corn grinding though the kids were more interested in just playing with the corn itself.

TJ and Toby adventured into a Corn Maze and managed to get out at the correct exit, and in pretty good timing too I will add, Gigi and I saw many give up and come out and various places wedging themselves through the corn.

We took our first family Hay Ride. I know you’d think we’d have done that at PEI earlier this year but we didn’t so this was the day. We also ate our first funnel cake, Tobes and I had imagined it would look like a funnel but alas it wasn’t it was flat-ish and clumpy with powdered sugar on it, however made by squirting the batter I assume out of a funnel. It was rather sweet and admit we didn’t end up eating it all.

That was about it, by that time we were all quite exhausted and we gave it a good 4 hours of our time.

There is another festival this coming weekend we hope to attend depending on what good old mother nature has in store, wink!