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Near Synonymns

Posted: 14/10/2009 by Toby in TJ
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As TJ makes the transition to speaking, with sign language as back up, it’s so neat to see his little mind work as he learns new words.

The other day we were in the living room, and he’s running away from Gigi, who is a snake. I said “stay close, I’ll protect you!” and I repeated “stay close!” He signed to me, with the slightest question, but mostly just double checkin’ “closed, right?” and said out loud “close.”

It was so cool to get his thought, through sign language, which showed me clearly that he was making a connection between what I had just said and what was already in his vocabulary.

Thankfully, the signs are different, even if the words sound the same.  I showed him the sign for “close” like “you’re close to me” and then for good measure included “far.”  I also tried to enunciate ‘close’ more clearly, clo-ss, as opposed to clohzze-da.  And he signed and said close, with a little nod of “got it” and ran to find Gigi again.

There are also words he still will have to work out. For example, that ‘dinner’ and ‘lunch’ are a form of food or eating. He wants ‘lunch’ when you say what do you want to eat?

Me: Let’s make something to eat.

TJ: I want lunch.

Me: A sandwich?

TJ: No! Lunch!

Me: Lunch?

TJ: Yes!

Me: Ok, I’ll make some lunch.

He’s decided ‘candy’ and ‘lolly’ are different things. He uses the same sign, but if I verbally offer him candy when he wants a lolly, he’s says ‘no! lolly!’

More stuff he’s learning: TJ now knows what a Toyota symbol looks like, and that Holdens have a lion symbol.  I’ve started pointing out to him different car brands when we go for walks.

One of the best things about being a dad is watching your kids learn stuff. It’s AWESOME.

Walking home from the Park

Posted: 31/03/2009 by Toby in News, Other
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We just got home from a nice time at the park, the kids and I. On the way home, Toby called and turns out his estimated time of arrival will be later than I thought, which messes up my plans some, so I was somewhat disappointed. As we got close to the pedestrian crossing, TJ was ahead like normal, he always has to be the scout, otherwise he’s rather unhappy.

So as I wound up the conversation knowing we were getting to the crossing I looked ahead and there was TJ taking his first step onto the road. I couldn’t believe my eyes, he never steps out on the road, we have drilled him about this. Me even moreso as America seems to have no regard for pedestrian crossings, and people around here drive like maniacs. I’ve almost been mowed down myself several times.

So I screamed out TJ stop! He did and stepped back onto the path. The cars actually stopped around about, for the first time. One guy puts his window down and decides now is a great time to hurl abuse at me for being a lousy mother. I was so mad…..

As I reached TJ I told him to hold onto the stroller and explained to him nice and calmly (that even surprised me) that it’s very dangerous to step out on the road and that he needs to wait for mummy and hold either my hand or the stroller at all times, when we approach a road.

I felt so upset inside, that man made it even more traumatic than it already was for me. People are so judgmental. Rather than being helpful he chose to swear and call me all sorts of names in front of my children. This is a prime example of what I dislike about living here in this corner of the world. Seems to be a running theme here in my experiences, lets be the least helpful, most unthoughtful, rude type of human being one can be.

After arriving home TJ was keenly aware I wasn’t happy and was upset inside, well he ended up in time out in his room before too long. After I took some deep breaths I went in and explained to him that he needs to ask permission to do certain things to do with his time out and then went onto explain that I was very upset that he walked out on the road, and explained why it’s important to listen to mummy etc…. he said he understood and we hugged.

TJ gives such beautiful hugs and kisses, he is a truly feeling boy. I decided to go and right my feelings down to help me calm down and Facebook was up on the screen so I took a look and saw a link from my friend Matt Green so took a look. He and his family and my family grew up in the same ward at home. Matt is the same age as my brother Gregg. His brothers and sisters ages co-inside with my families except they have a few extra kids than my family does. Anyway I watched the link called “Brotherly Love” about Matt and his brother, it helped me feel peace in my heart once more.

Thanks Matt for sharing of your experience with not only me but the public about how families and people should and can act towards one another.

Here it is for those who would like watch: Brotherly Love

Click on the “Brotherly Love” segment.