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Dear Franklin Covey

Posted: 08/02/2010 by Toby in Informative
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Just to clarify, there’s no one (I hope) that goes around by that name; this hypothetical letter, and literal letter to Collins Deben (now that name wouldn’t be as unfortunate, even though at the same time it is more corporate sounding), is addressed to a company.

Dear Franklin Covey,

What were you THINKING when you decided to cut costs by making my pocket original weekly pages back to back without the in-between pages of Notes and Tasks, huh?  Those in between pages were a huge differentiator for me, as no other planner that I know of allows that much space for me to keep track of the week.

Thankfully an employee at Collins Deben noticed that the cornerstone weekly had the extra pages still, and sent me it, thus continuing my unfortunate addiction to paper diaries.


Toby O’Hara

I wrote a letter of appreciation to Collins Deben yesterday, it’s going in the mail sometime today (thanks honey) for noticing that I could get the pages I needed with the other style pages. And I was in such a hurry I didn’t even change the font from Times New Roman.

A new thought just occurred to me, I wonder what most people use nowadays? I think Palm was on to something, I enjoyed it while it lasted, but in the end preferred the paper format. I guess people are using blackberries and iphones to keep their date books and take notes.

Speaking of iPhone, I’m going to carry on my mother’s independent streak and distaste for the mainstream and when my phone dies I’m getting a Motorola Droid, Cliq or hiptop. So there.

yes I like Google that much.