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Introducing my newest niece Lucy Jean Frater. Daughter to my brother Seth.

After going into the hospital on Friday as Louise’s fluid levels were low, they wanted to keep an eye on her since she was already overdue. They attempted to induce her with the cream/gel with no luck then again. Finally they put a drip in and 3.5 house later she was born at 10.39pm on Saturday night 7th August.

The next day we found out that she weighed 7lb 1oz. At first they were thinking about calling her Rosie but it changed as you can see at the top of this posting. My mum got a mention in the name, as you can see.

This month called August sure is filling up between the O’Hara’s and the Frater’s. 7 in total so far.

They went home on Sunday and we got to visit on Monday. Gigi was so good with Lucy. Both William and Gigi loved getting to dote on Lucy. TJ missed this visit as he was at school. So Tuesday he got to visit. I forgot to take more pictures (oops).

Seth is a proud as punch daddy.

Welcome Lucy to our family.

Funny note: Yesterday the name Lucy came up and Seth said who is that? Mum and I said your daughter! Oh yeah that’s right :)