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For Marlies birthday this year I decided to take her to a play for her birthday. I was still searching around when I got a call from my mother telling me I had to do it in the next few days when both Skye and Marlies would be coming up and that I’d best do Skye’s birthday present also because Skye was going to be away for her birthday this year in Germany. So the hunt was on.

I did find a cool one that was a murder mystery and if you guessed the murderer first then you’d win $1000 sounded good to me. Well it got canceled due to not enough people :( So the next thing I found was a play called “Cindy-Ella”. It was going to be done on the premises of Norman Lindsay Estate. He was a local cartoonist (The Magic Pudding), sculptor and children’s writer from my hometown, Faulconbridge.

So I was excited to talk to them about that and share in my knowledge. The movie done on the story of part of his life was filmed whilst I weent to High School so I’d see all the limo’s go buy each day. Oh Hugh Grant was in the movie also (eye brow raise).

When we got there, I was a little taken back by it. Much smaller than I imagined and very simplistic. Anyway I’d paid and we were there now. Skye told me this was her first play ever. great!

It was a 12 actor play. And I soon realised that is was probably more for young kids. The good thing was that I took Gigi with us for girlie time. It was hot and we didn’t bring hats or sunscreen or a blanket. We got a bench and I called Toby to drop down some hats and sunscreen off, thank you honey.

It was certainly an experience. The two ugly sisters were men. They did a fabulous job and it was interactive and so we all got to join in at parts.

To summarize it wasn’t what I expected but we ended up having a good time and it was an interesting concept. Some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Above is Gigi up front in the middle. All the princesses had to go to the front. Picture to the right is the step mother (in black) and ugly step sisters (in orange and mauve). there dance moves were something to remember :)

After the play we took a look around the grounds and went to see the water hole that was man made out of nature, lovely and big a shame it’s been drained (picture below). The movie that showcases the house is called “Sirens” an Aussie movie. It has some of our well known Aussies in it. Sam Neill, Elle MacPherson, Portia De Rossi, Kate Fischer.