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It’s hard to believe my daughter is now 5 years old. She is very social like her mother and enjoys parties. This year she’s managed to convince us to throw her a “shindig” (Aussie for party). Happy Birthday baby girl :)

The above picture is Gigi opening her first jewelry box from her daddy, the one with the dancing ballerina and plays a tune.

She was rather insistant on a mermaid cake and mermaid theme this year. Once I started looking it up I realised it’s not an easy theme to do, so much time and preparation was needed to get it underway and successful. Firstly I needed to start with invites. I managed to find them on a website and ordered them at the same time as a mermiad pinata. It was so cute I succumbed to the price. Sadly not quite as gorgeous in reality, the head was too small in my opinion. However the overall effect was great a lovely long haired red head! I started to get a little worried the invites wouldn’t arrive in time, so had to start mentioning it to those invited so as to not have everyone busy for the date. They finally came and all was well.

Then brainstorming in my head what things to do at her party. I went to a party store and found some flower props and fish party bags, and cute frog toys for the party bag. I wanted to avoid having party bags full with lollies/candy and so my thinking cap was on. I found some cute lei’s and useful fish shaped water colour paints and brush, too cute, not cheap but I threw my hands up and paid the price. My other brilliant idea was to do cd’s for all the kids of themed mermaid music and a few others thrown in. In the end it worked out to be 20 songs and with a cover of Gigi and saying Gigi’s 5th Mermaid Birthday party they got thrown in the party bags. I’ll need to ask if they were a hit with the kids, I know it was for Gigi. She’s been listening to it almost daily and has learnt most of the words to all the songs.

We hired a hall near our house, since our house isn’t very big and lets face it 15 3-6 year old kids running around isn’t desirable in a home. I played the cd we made during the party and was able to do some musical games like statues. I remembered about my lovely treasure chests and made a game with that of, find the treasure and put gold coins in where they kids had to search for money. We had a fishing game where I printed off 45 fish and laminated them and got a kids swimming pool filled it with ballons and put the fish underneath, then I hade the kids go fishing (Toby made 2 fishing rods) when they found 3 fish they could go to the pirate (my mum) and collect a prize (the lei).

Two other games I had was Pin the Tale on the Mermaid. Where Toby’s skills came in he painted up a mermaid and we laminated 2 tails for the kids to pin on the mermaid with. Ashleigh won that game. The other activity was to have your photo taken as a mermaid. We bought some board and between both of our skills managed to draw up paint and mount a mermaid. It came up rather well I thought. The kids got to get pictures taken. That said I still need to print those off and hand out to the kids.

We had tinsil in blue and silver over the entrance so it was like they were coming through water into the party. I also printed off 15 large fish to make an Underwater section for the kids to sit down and eat. I put a large picnic rug in one corner and managed to find Christmas decorations that looked like seaweed and put those up with the fish and underwater flower plants, it was a treat. Easy set up and pack up. After the kids got out in the statues game they got to clame their treat lunch “fish and chips” in clam shaped holders and could go and eat in the underwater oasis. It worked really well. For drinks I went with poppers to reduce the risk of spillages and additional cleanup.

The party Mermaid Cake took place, singing Happy Birthday and then before we knew it it was 2 hours later. We handed out their party bags and they also received a mermaid balloon designed balloons (thank you to the talents of my sister Nicky) the girls and the boys got octopus’s. And off they went merily home.

So with 30mins set-up and pack and with all the prep I did. I sure couldn’t have pulled off the party without several helping hands and hardly any sleep the night before. Uncle Gregg took care of Rocky, Toby and Mel taking additional trips back to the house for things forgotten. Helpers to set up, blow up (swimming pool and balloons) and pack up. Aunty Nicky ended up doing the majority of the cake, Becci and Dave going and picking up the hot food from around the corner etc…. the list is long.

Gigi busting a move in her mermaid outfit.

Gigi had a fantastic time dressed in her Mermaid outfit. It looked like the kids had a great time. I was certailny glad it was over with a load off my mind. I have learned it’s a lot of work to do a party yourself and quite costly. So as one mother said “we all give it a go and realise that it’s cheaper to pay for someone else to run it and do it and just show up and leave”. I think she is right! That said Gigi can’t say her parents didn’t love her enough to go to all that effort and expense.