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All the Epilady

Posted: 11/03/2010 by Toby in Informative
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To the tune of “All the Single Ladies”

Just the ‘all the single ladies’ part (over and over). I have no idea what any of the other words are, and I think I saw a clip of the music video once when Kanye West was making a duck of himself at the Grammys. The one move I can remember from the music video looked like halfway between ‘running man’ and ‘nordic track’.

So anyway all the epilady refers to an incident this morning where I made one eyebrow shorter than the other, as in one is farther from the middle of my forehead than the other, the gap between them is leaning to one side. This is because I usually close my eyes when I take the epilady to my eyebrows, and results are difficult to control when one’s eyes are closed. Maybe next time I’ll try tape as a barrier to how far over the machine can go. Excellent idea, me!