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Define ‘Expensive’

Posted: 14/07/2008 by Toby in Other

What this headbanger is saying I’ve said to several people now, I guess it’s the whole reason I’m posting this cartoon.

But srsly how expensive is ‘expensive?’ I haven’t seen traffic patterns change all that much.

I have a co-worker who swears anything smaller than a Chevy Tahoe will give her a panic attack inside.

I guess what we’re going to have to suffer through is actually a slow drawn-out death of combustion engines over the next 100 or 200 years depending on how fast alternative energy is ramped up.

You notice the term ‘alternative energy’ was used. Ironic, isn’t it, that petrol is the energy and everything else is the alternative.

The Influence of Parents

Posted: 19/06/2008 by Toby in Other

You really should be getting more pictures and updates about us and the kids, but I keep waiting till we have pictures to go with.  Maybe I shouldn’t.  See next post, okay?

On the influence of (my) parents (on me) (one example): Point one: My mom has a pathological consistent dislike for the television, and my dad doesn’t have enough driving need for it to override my mom.  Point two: My dad never showed any interest in professional sports (that I could see) and we never watched any kind of sports on the terminally off television, nor live at the venue.

This has influenced my life in the following way: when it comes time to make conversation with others, I don’t have the background, nor the interest, in professional sports (for example the NBA playoffs just past).  When it comes time to spend my free time, I don’t care enough about sports to look up scores, or watch the games.  And when it comes to television, it’s not an important priority – we don’t have good reception and we don’t pay for cable.

What I like about this: We save money each month not paying for cable.  I like that I’m different from others.  I don’t know much about professional sports, and I don’t feel the urge to buy junk with my favorite team logo plastered on it.

What I don’t like about it: Conversation turns to sports and I don’t know what the game was like, who made the winning pass, or the winning basket, or the winning home run.  All I can do is sit there, grin, and nod at (hopefully) the right intervals.


Posted: 18/06/2008 by Toby in Other
  1. All my limbs seem to function properly
  2. My face is not smashed in
  3. I have a wife who loves me
  4. I have two beautiful children and one on the way (but we’re not sure it will be beautiful)
  5. I can read
  6. I have read a lot of good stuff
  7. My job pays the bills and some to spare for clothes as needed
  8. My wife’s face is not smashed in
  9. No sunburn, as of yet, this year
  10. Ultravate clears up skin rashes FAST
  11. I have nice things such as: messenger bag for work, black shiny slip on shoes, shiny watch, Honda Civic, etc.

Thus were my musings this morning.

Good Writing

Posted: 14/06/2008 by Toby in Other

Simply put I like good writing. I didn’t mind seeing Sex & the City (the movie) tonight, or even horse face (Sarah J. Parker). The best part about the movie was that the writer character – Carrie, came up with some good plays on words, some good combinations of words, some good turns of phrases, and mostly none of the other characters didn’t.  That’s not to say that the whole thing was so great and the writing was the greatest part of it.  The whole thing was okay, and the writing was the best part.  See the difference?  To add more clarity about my comment, I feel I should also add that by the writing, I don’t mean the character’s writing, but I mean the writing of the movie.

Getting Hot in Here

Posted: 06/06/2008 by Toby in Other
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fiery planetGlobal warming, aka climate change, aka (when I was a kid) greenhouse effect and holes in the ozone.

There are now even more stories about the polar ice caps melting and species dying out because of the effect of pollution, thanks to Mr. Gore the attention whore (sorry, but it rhymed).

Today in the news, a bill died in the Senate, proposed to impose requirements that companies reduce their carbon emissions. It’s the same sob story, that it’s too expensive, our economy would implode, and millions would be starving in the street if this bill goes forward. In reality it might take a chunk out of the CEO’s billion dollar bonus package, and might also raise prices some, but the reality is we have the technology to save the planet, or at least destroy it slowlier, and we’re simply not using it.

tree huggerI sound like a tree hugger, don’t I? I temper my view, however, with a general distaste for alarmists and flag wavers who are quick to yell at the top of their lungs “global warming” when there’s fewer trout in the streams or a polar bear slips and falls on her nose. There are also those who take data and, in the view of some, seemingly skew it in favor of a certain answer, as NASA appears to be doing in this article I found today.

So… how can we consider ourselves responsible residents of the planet without giving up our lifestyle, cheap products, and lazy garbage disposal, and without ignoring the many many people who just don’t care? Not possible. How can we expect business to be more efficient, less wasteful, and less polluting without imposing laws which restrict these things? Not possible. How can we raise awareness without producing stories, statistics, and examples of how the environment is being destroyed? Not possible. How can we be environmentally responsible yet question the catastrophic prognostications and sometimes flimsy supporting facts and figures? Possible.

I take comfort in the fact that no matter what we do to our environment, there are some species that will never die out. The cockroach for example.

P.S. I consider it my duty as an environmentally conscious citizen to save up for one of these.

Talk About Number One

Posted: 28/05/2008 by Toby in Informative

Just like the song from Toby Keith, most of us would like to, once in a while, talk about number one: that is, me.

I’m re-reading (again) one of the first self-help books to ever come out, an oldie but a goodie, How to Win Friends and Influence People, by Dale Carnegie. This time around, I’m struck, almost plowed over by how simple his suggestions are. (more…)

Word in Edgewise

Posted: 01/05/2008 by Toby in Other

I used to love to hear myself talk, but then I realized how often I was the only one.

I used to think if I didn’t say it no one would, but then I started listening.

When I couldn’t find the right pause in other people’s conversations I used to make one myself, until I realized that the conversation was pointless before and would be pointless after I had added to it.