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Never Open…..

Posted: 27/02/2009 by Toby in Informative, News
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your car door so as to bang into another car, always hold your door and open it carefully. This is what my father taught me from a young age. So far I’ve done pretty good, only banged once and that was my own door into a wall, no real damage.

Well this week I had the experience of having my beautiful Odyssey banged into for the upteenth (meaning: many) time. It was a windy day and so I was grappling with the idea of whether to keep shopping or not. I decided to make it a quick one. I parked further away than normal so as to prevent another car from parking next to me. Before I even hoped out of my car or got the kids, a car parked next to me. I started thinking I’ve obviously not parked far enough away 5 empty spots wasn’t enough. I went to start the car once more and move it further away when the woman opened her door and bang………

Rolling my eyes… I hop out of my car and go and take a look yep… maroon paint scraped up half of my door. I then spent the next hour in freezing winds trying to get this woman to give me her insurance details and her name, with no luck…. She proclaimed she needed to talk with her husband first, then she said it wasn’t her car, it was a friends car, then it was her husbands car and then at that point I had to explain to her that in case she wasn’t aware, when you marry a person what is his is hers, and vise versa….

I then went onto explain to her that if she doesn’t hand over the information that I’ll have to call the police. In the end she agreed that calling the police was the best option because I might cause more damage to my car to make her pay for it. I said yeah.. that’s exactly what I like to do with my time is cause more damage to my own belongings. When the police arrived she told the woman that by law she had to give me her information, and went to leave I expressed to the police woman that I’d been standing here with her now for over an hour and she’s not given me her information I’d appreciate her staying until she has indeed done it. She agreed and actually got her to give her the info and she wrote it down for me. When the police woman said to the woman is this your vehicle and your insurance she replied “yes”!

And she was concerned about me being dishonest!!!!!!!!

The good news is that upon getting home within an hour my insurance called me and told me she had called and admitted fault and that she was wanting to find out when I’d like to get my car fixed, I said well when do you have available, she said starting tomorrow, I said fine, tomorrow is good. So on Tuesday my car went in to get fixed and repainted. I got a free rental car for the duration and was able to pick up my van Wednesday afternoon.

Not only were all her marks gone, but thanks to a professional unit and wanting to provide a good service, they fixed all the other ones also from all the other people. I was most impressed and excited to see my car back in pristine condition.

The sad part about having a nice car is to keep it in a perfect condition one had better forget even taking it out of the garage altogether, that is if you have one! Sadly that misses the whole point of the conveneince of owning a car.

I was thankful the woman came through in the end and impressed with Geico’s service in fixing the problem ASAP…

The rental car we got was a Town and Country – Chrysler

The colour was fine (white), and the pick up was good, I did like the tako’s and the fact the radio brought up the name of the songs as they played on it’s digital reader, but overall I wasn’t impressed with the van. The seats were blah… I sat so high in the thing I felt like I was going to bang my head and I am short, a tall person I doubt would fit in at all. I had troubles getting the petrol cap off, the windows were a lot smaller so the views were not as good, and it felt very boxy. Boxy can be good in some situations but I wasn’t a fan, looking back from the front seat it felt almost like a utility van for commercial purposes not a family van.