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Baby Logic

Posted: 02/05/2010 by Toby in William

Occasionally, I am forced to admit that babies have their own logic, though not always in a way I’d like to see.

Today at church, sacrament meeting was over and it was time for classes, and I had William, since he’s not old enough to be in nursery yet – or there aren’t enough babies to keep nursery open, or something. I was giving him rice crackers to keep him happy, but by the 3rd one, he was less effective at shoving them in and some pieces fell to the carpet.  I told him to pick them up, but he would not do it.  So I sat there for a few minutes trying to think of different ways to get him to pick it up.  I couldn’t really be firm with him, we were right in the middle of the lesson, so I decided on the reverse approach, to see if I could incentvise the boy.

There were a few treats in the baby bag, but only two of each, and I thought for sure I would get in trouble if Willy got one, not leaving enough for the other two to wolf down on the way home. Then I remembered there was a bottle of soy milk, and I thought, “ah-ha! I’ll dangle the bottle of milk and make him pick up those cracker pieces.” (thunder, lightning, evil laughter)

My plan backfired.

As soon as I pulled out the milk Willy knew what to do: make room for that bottle, and there was still cracker in his mouth. To my chagrin William executed a highly effective jettison of the food in his mouth, actually using his fingers to scrape it from his tongue and shake it onto the floor. He was surprised and then extremely disappointed when I didn’t give him the bottle for which he was now ready. He set up such a howl that I took him with me down to the bathroom where I got a paper towel to wipe up the lovely pile of cracker and baby drool.

I also managed to get the pieces of cracker that precipitated the whole event. Myself.

Eating Habits

Posted: 11/10/2008 by Toby in Uncategorized
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I suppose this is two posts about TJ in a row.  Last weekend, I tried a little experiment.

But first, before the explanation of the experiment, I might mention a little background.  Our son is unfortunately in the habit of spacing out at meal times.  Whatever is put in front of him, his first reaction is to get very upset, and whine, no matter what it is, but most especially if it is not fruit or pudding.  I wonder if he’s suspicious of our motives, maybe in his mind we are taking pleasure in seeing what happens when we mix experimental drugs into his normal every day food.  If only we could get paid for our experiments… wait what am I saying? I don’t know where he gets that idea.  He might also see the food and realize he will have to bite, chew and swallow it, which takes effort.  Laziness, in a word.  I tend towards the ‘habit’ theory most, and so I’m trying different things to change his habit and change his thinking.

He will take a bite if I look at him sternly.  So basically 40 stern looks a night, and the occasional verbal encouragement, and he’s eaten his food.  This becomes tiresome.

When he does take a bite, he sets his utensil down.  He then has to take it up again in order to get another mouthful in.  I thought maybe permanently attaching it to his hand would remind him to continue to put more mouthfuls in.

Last night I tried giving him a smaller portion than usual, maybe he is being overwhelmed with the dump truck sized portions in his bowl.  That did help in two ways, it only required 10 stern stares before he declared victory, and he was able to get his fruit in.

Today one more tactic, and that was to start eating his food for him.  Since he didn’t want it, I was happy to partake.  He didn’t like that either.  He seemed to think it was his food, but at the same time was under no obligation to make it part of him.  It’s as though he relishes (no pun intended) the time at the table lolling about.