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Sure enough the year has come and gone and everyone has survived, William’s life was most likely the most at risk, but after only a few bruises, here he is unscathed, well we hope anyway :) The 19th October is his special day.

Still pretty much bald, seems to be all we produce, which isn’t a bad thing, and perfect in so many ways. Granddad says he looks great in white so alas here is a white and yellow outfit, pj’s to be exact.

We had a small party for William on 18th with his Grandparents, Uncle Gregg, Aunty Mel and 2 cousins, Brooke and Tom they came over for dinner and cake on Sunday night. Silverside was the main meal, delicious like normal.

For some reason cake ideas weren’t coming thick and fast, and the best I could come up with was a number one cake with the Aussie flag on it, when it came to crunch time that is what Toby suggested also and so it was a goer. I made the chocolate cake and Toby did all the decorating this time round. Admittedly I took a nap :) When I arose it was done, how nice is that! I think Toby did a great job (feel free to praise him). I was sad I had to move it onto a different surface hence a few cracks.

This symbolizes our first birthday living in Australia. The Australian Flag.

Toby striking one of his famous faces, as he lights the candle!

You’ll notice William was covering his ears as we sang Happy Birthday, we are all trying to not take that personally :) Daddy had to help with the blowing of the candle, I guess I shouldn’t say, he had troubles also!

One of the only times I don’t mind mess are birthday cakes, Granddad wasn’t coping well though! It was quite mild the mess, I’ll go ahead and say he wasn’t that keen on the cake. He’s had a pretty bland life in the food department thus far with allergies of dairy and eggs.

After dinner I cleaned up the mess, which made Granddad feel much better then we went in the living room for the gift bearing segment, TJ and Gigi were having to practice restraint. William was good at sharing. He’s certainly not used to getting all the attention in the family, seems the one that screams loudest wins unfortunately! Williams giving his lungs some good fine tuning of late though.

William got some lovely gifts, thank you. And sufficently made his brother and sister jealous. As soon as he was done, off they went with his gift from Nana and Gdad playing tea party on the table, then it was following the talking and moving truck about the place from U.Gregg and A.Mel, he got some money put in his new pewter ship money box gifted from Gran and Granddad. Gigi has decided his new giraffe is hers and TJ likes to think this counting/ball/tower is his (pictured above). We had a lovely evening.

William is growing in leaps and bounds now, almost walking, maneuvers all over the place, has mastered being able to be on all fours and get about instead of just his normal commando crawl, he laughs and claps, says dad and mum and shakes his head for no, he’s getting lots more words. Hates to miss out on anything, loves to bounce on the mattress, play peek-a-boo, mess up all the neatly placed shoes (much to Gran’s dismay), and push all the books off the table, once he’s made a real mess he’s content!

We love our little champ and his gorgeous dimple, large brown eyes, and constantly commented on, great shaped head! Sure we’ll take the slobbering mouth too and hope it’s just the teething stage. Oh and I have to say I love his teeth, big and widely spread, loving it!

We love you William and are glad you are here in our family!