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Picnic – Observatory Hill

Posted: 16/07/2010 by Toby in Events, Pictures

Saturday last week we took a picnic in the city. We had intended to visit the deaf school down there but my memory was wrong as to it’s location so it was just all fun and no work. We packed ourselves a picnic and were ready to enjoy some family time.

We scored as the road I took went right past Toby’s new work so we got to see his fancy building he’ll be working in at KPMG. Right on the water. If he’s lucky he might get a nice view.

Observatory Hill is a lovely location right next to the Harbour Bridge on the south side. The weather was perfect soaking in some rays of sunshine. Above was our view.

The funniest part was when this little white dog came to the park our kids went berserk, screaming the house down. Saying I don’t like dogs. The first time it was only William as the other two were off with Toby exploring. The couple with the dog decided to go somewhere else so as to not scare our kids. When they came back through, possibly hoping we’d left they got all three loosing the plot. Our kids were the centre of attention as the whole park patrons couldn’t believe our kids reactions to this small dog. Toby and I laughed hard. If only we’d video taped it we could have won ourselves some money on Funniest Home Video’s.

Some pictures of our day.

Picnic – Berowra Waters

Posted: 05/05/2010 by Toby in Informative, News, Pictures
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Early April on Easter Monday. It’s a day off here in Australia.

This location has some meaning to me as it’s where some of my family history lies. My family meet here several years ago before I moved to the states to gather and go to property our family once owned many years ago right on the waterfront, the house no longer stands but there were remains. We had to take a boat to go and see it. That was also the day my Aunty broke her arm and I had to rush her off to the hospital.

This was a centralised location for everyone. So I picked here as the location for a gang picnic to gather and enjoy. Hired a boat for the kids to get goes on the water, whilst we relaxed by the waterfront. I was surprised at all the changes I barely recognised it upon arrival. There was more parking and a good job too since there were lots of people.

Before too long we found a carpark and it worked out that it allowed for us to give 2 more to spots for when the others arrived. We spent a good many hours there. There was a kids play park and with the boat hire kept the kids entertained. Below is the first trip out on the boat with Toby, James, TJ, Gigi, Liam, Millie.