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This is how I see William most days, loveable and smiley, happy to play with his brother…….awwww….

And then there are……

These moments…..

This face was I can’t get this shirt on, my head is too big!!!!!!!

Here I am, pay me attention, yes take my picture……

“Check out my new moves Granddad on the Rapese” (Trapese)

William loves his spikey hair, he feels great when it’s done.

This is his “what you talking about Willace” face (show – Different Strokes)

And then this week William says to me “mum you are ruining my life” yep my 3 year old, seems it’s begun!

Seems I shall be sharing my birthday for the rest of my life now. Yep Rocky was born on my birthday.

The plan was for me to relax all day, but come afternoon we decided to take a trip to Parramatta and buy me a guitar for my birthday. It was my birthday request. I sold mine when I moved to the States and hadn’t had one since. I figured now was a good time to bring the guitar back into mine and now into my kids lives.

Whilst waiting to pick up my guitar I started getting contractions. at 3:30pm 4mins apart lasting for 1 minute. When we got home I called the hospital to ask what they want me to do, since my waters hadn’t broken. They said dear you don’t want your waters to break being your 5th child. I said ok so we headed into the hospital.  After being there for not long my contractions got closer 2 mins apart and by 6:20pm my waters broke. No chance of crossing my legs now :)

At 8:14pm Rocky had arrived.

He weighed 8lbs 4 oz. Length was 53cms long. Head circumference was 34.5cms. Rocky is our largest and heaviest child to date.

Some features we’ve observed. He has Granddad Frater ears, and the Frater chin. He has Toby’s nose and feet. He has sandy blonde hair and very blonde eye lashes and eye brows, looks to be a blue eyed baby. Looks like he might have a wave to his hair.  And broad hands?

Gran and Aunty Nicky arrived not long afterward to welcome him into the world and into the family. Yep the one born here in Sydney, was the one they missed the exit of.

I need to find a picture of Aunty Nicky, surely we have one somewhere.

Rocky has been shown lots of love his first week. Nana,TJ, Gigi, and William came first thing in the morning. Granddad and Uncle Gregg came to visit at the hospital and Jacqui. Then during the week we had the Wilson’s, Tucker’s and Gomez’s all come visit. Aunty Mel and Brooke, Uncle Seth, Louise, Jonathan and Lucy and my visiting teacher Lisa Pelayo.

Rocky welcome to our family.

The kids are all besotted with him.

Headed home.

Nana arrives for her Aussie visit

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Nana arrived here from the US on 13th October. Just in time for William’s birthday and the birth of Rocky.
The kids have warmed upto her very quickly. William has a habit though of calling Nana, Emily. He does it many times a day, seems no matter how many times we correct him he still reverts to Emily.
Explaining to him that this is Nana and Aunty Emily is in Bogata, Columbia. William is really enjoying having Nana do things with him and having an alterative to mummy since she is stuck often feeding Rocky.

Nana brought some cards from Aunty Ellen and Nana a book each for our munchkins and a scarf for Gigi.

We are all loving having Nana here with us.

TJ’s first Athletics Carnival

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TJ is in the Smith team at school. His colour is green. I was green growing up also, however my teams were named after birds, I was a Magpie.
This is what TJ preferred to do.

TJ did manage to do a few things before he’d had enough.

So far he’s not into exhurting himself. We hope this will change as he gets older. William and I went to support him. Gigi also got a chance to participate in the carnival for one race. She did well the only problem was they made them wear hats and the one she had on was no good, it kept falling off. So having picked up her hat 2 times she still came third.

As a family stop off on our way to Aunty Nicky’s to drop the kids off for Toby and I to have a weekend away. Toby picked a Japanese garden to visit in Gosford. It was a pretty garden and I love the simplicity and art of them. A nice reprieve for my back for the trip north.

We took some family shots to enjoy.

Mum and Dad.




The last but not least, bundle in my belly. 25 weeks on, so yep I’m going to be huge!

The kids had a great time and didn’t want to come home, well except William. We had a great weekend also, if only we could do it more regular. We gave a B&B a go. It was lovely and quiet and food was good and it was just so nice to relax and not to have to worry or becken to calls all the time from our lovely children. Also I’m glad the kids got to foster some memories with their extended family.

Our Little Grasshoppers

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Aussie Dust Storms

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Twas an eerie red dawn this morning. Couldn’t see very far at all. It’s the first time I think I’ve seen this in my life, I hear one happened on my sojourn in the US.

Toby was supposed to be down in Canberra early this morning for a meeting, for the second time this week. I sms’ed him to find out if he got there, as I’d heard a report that all the flights were canceled. Last I heard he was still waiting at the airport. Ok he’s there now.

Most of Australia has experienced this dust storm this week or will be before long, apparently it can be seen from space. below are some awesome pictures of what Aussies’ have been experiencing.

Pictures above: The city, The Harbour Bridge, and Bondi Beach.

One pro, I am glad I didn’t get the car washed yesterday!

One con, I left 2 strollers out on the front porch, now they are covered in red dust!

I also did a bunch of weed spraying yesterday which then followed by a rain storm and now a dust storm, and I hear to come may be flash flooding in some areas. I will now have to wait and see if my weed killing adventure ended up killing anything!

Looks like I’ll have to get out and clean the outside windows all again, they are covered with dirt rain, as they say “house work is never done”.

YouTube has some great Dust storm footage from various countries, including Australia. If you want to while some time away, they are worth a look. It’s amazing what nature can produce.