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Our backyard does have a slant to it. Toby was using blocks to make it level. Upon my insistence this last Saturday we had some friends help move the cubbyhouse over and we leveled the area and bought some fake grass so that the area would have nice feel to it for the kids. There is quite a variety of fake grass out there.

The stuff I ended up buying is much nicer than what gets produced naturally in this back yard, lets just say. And because the amount I wanted to buy would have left only 2 metres left on there role, the guy gave it to us :D sadly it was just shy of covering the whole area of the whole construction :( However it was enough to make it a nicer area. It will be nice not having to worry about wiper sniping up close to the structure.

In the move of the cubbyhouse Toby took off part of the roof and the stairs and climbing wall. Thankfully the move back went smoothly. He did get to attach the stairs once more, but not the roof yet.

As you can see it looks much nicer.

So now Toby can work on the slippery slide.

Things sure don’t move along fast with a family and this and that going on all the time.

Some progress – half the roof is on, the climbing wall and stairs are attached.











The kids are already loving it. Gigi’s best mate has asked can she have a sleepover when it’s finished.

We still have the slippery slide and swings to get on, then it’s done.

Toby attached the rest of the roof the next day.

A Stroller Stand

Posted: 04/10/2008 by Toby in Informative

My project for the day was to build a stroller stand that goes in the back of the minivan. I’ve noticed that the triple stroller we have, as described in this earlier post, not only barely fits in the back, but the way it fits it is resting on one of its back wheels. I decided the only and best way to remedy this was to create a stand, which would raise the stroller slightly, and prop it up at a more appropriate point, where there was only metal frame.

It’s more “work of art” than it is “work of quality and craftsmanship” but for that I blame my tools and my imagination.

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