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The Beastie – Earl

Posted: 15/06/2009 by Toby in News, Pictures
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We are now the owners of a 1993 Toyota Camry Stationwagon. Grey in colour with a purple undertone :) We paid a whopping $3200. We’ve been told these Camry’s are good cars and keep on going forever, lets hope so at 155,000 kilometres. Seems an old lady had it last. That said the last car I had after an old lady actually earnt me money, so I shaln’t complain.

At this point I should mention that I never expected to be an owner of this type of car in my life. But alas, thus the time has come. We are a family of 5 and just fit in, with some space in the back for strollers etc….. It fits our budget for starting from scratch and will keep us humble.

I picked her up on Friday and couldn’t help myself, by making mention to the car yard employees that I was astounded, at how they had no regard for their workplace by littering cigarette butts all over the ground everywhere, is it really that hard to make a bin available to put them collectively in? I said what ever happened to pride in your workplace. Not much came back in response! A few shoulders strugging. Lets just say the car yard employees went right along with the price range they were selling, cheap!

That said I feel it’s important to learn to love her, I mean him and give Earl the love and respect he deserves so he’ll treat us well and take car of us whilst we have him. I don’t know why but normally I think of cars as being female, but this car is definitely a man.

Today whilst TJ and I were out on errands we made a stop at a pick-n-take store, where I managed to pick up two small screw covers that were missing from the passenger side doors arm holders and a switch/button for the radio/cassette player (all free), yep she’s still got a cassette in her. I am tempted to see if it still works. I still have some of my old tapes.

Anyone remeber “Bounce Back” a Mormon advertising tape given out in Australia at least in the 80’s, love that tape. It actually came up in conversation since I’ve been home and my sister is already hassassing me for a copy of it. My very first cassette was “the Nolan Sisters” it was a compilation of songs from various artists song by them. I guess I’ll have to wait till the shipment comes in to give those a go, I will make sure to start with a tape I don’t car about first, just in case it gets chewed up. I did price getting a more modern cd player put in, but just for a point of reference for now, not exactly a priority, the radio works. I learned today from the radio that you can claim all your kids schooling needs as a tax reduction. I made a note to tell Toby that one so to be make sure we do it when the time comes.

Earl allows us the chance to break out and visit friends, not harrass my parents to get places and just get some plain old independence.

Yep Earl’s his name!