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More videos!

Posted: 22/01/2013 by Toby in Other
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This is me driving to work this morning. From about shortly after I drive away from the house, until partway up Silverwater Road.

Hit a Dog this morning

Posted: 12/07/2012 by Toby in Uncategorized
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So I’m on Mamre this morning driving into St Marys, and life is good. I’m at the front of the line, thinking about changing lanes cause I have to turn in two lights. Then, very clearly, as if in slow motion, there’s a dog crossing the street from the right. It’s already crossed the oncoming traffic (there was none) and it’s headed across my lane.

Looked a bit like this

It was so close, I figured it would either react, or something, but it didn’t. I didn’t swerve (I rarely do, since I’d rather not hit another car, or telephone pole, or anything else), but I pushed on the brake a little. BAM! There was a car-shuddering THWACK! The car was still rolling, and I looked behind me for the carcass, but there was none. I was still rolling, slowly, and the traffic behind me was pretty slow. After another few seconds, still looking in the rear view, I saw the dog, running down the sidewalk. It may have been limping a little, but otherwise still running around. Then it crossed the street again and ran up ahead. I couldn’t tell if it was even limping any more.

When I went over the dog, I didn’t really get any ‘speed bump’ effect, so I’m guessing it must have gone under right between the wheels and then just bounced back up!

I checked the car when I got to work. On the front bumper, I could see where the dog hit, just to the side of the license plate, the paint is cracked. The impact also knocked the left side loose. I’ll need to take out the nut and re-seat but otherwise not too bad.

Content Lacking & Other News

Posted: 16/06/2010 by Toby in Informative, Other
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Just look at the title of this post. I thought of that. It’s got something slacker about it, and I thought of it in less than 5 seconds. (Is it really news that content is lacking? no, it’s self evident. Yet it’s being called ‘news’ – this is the joke that only I will get a chuckle from, and maybe one other person)

Did you know that hotmail’s passwords are not case-sensitive? Just another reason not to start a new hotmail account. May I suggeset gmail instead? Speaking of email, Facebook gets along fine without being a web-based email account. All its interactions are facebook-to-facebook, with no email inbox. I wonder if this has occurred to anyone at facebook, they had the discussion and decided it was not needed.

Can I just add one more random thing in this misc category other news post?!? Holy Crap Lens Flare is here. What the freakin arse heck is going on. First “shaky camera” became all the rage, and now it’s “more flare.” I have trouble sitting through a CSI Miami without totally losing the conversation, because random rays of the sun are being reflected in from random nearby shiny buildings or window ledges through random windows and blinding me. It was sorta cute/new to copy Solaris and splash a LOT of flare across the new Star Trek movie, it served its purpose by making the movie shinier and sortof space-y. But CSI Miami? C’mon! We already have Mr Sunglasses, what else could that show possibly need. However, I might not have ranted like this unless I’d seen this preview for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (SLYT). Am I going to have to retrain my brain to watch TV through piles and piles of flashing lights and flare? I’m moving to the woods and living like a bear. Just to touch on the MvC3 game again for a sec, I have to admit I like these fighting games, and this one looks pretty cool, they must have cribbed from games like Valkrie and Viewtiful Joe for the look and feel, and I like it a lot.

Phrase of the day today is courtesy of Blackwater ex-CEO Erik Prince referring to the investigation into his ex-company as an “extreme proctological examination.”

I love the latest version of GIMP. Download it, and use it!

I missed my stop this morning, I was pretty comfortable after I figured out that my hoodie makes a better head bundle than my scarf does. And I was having pretty wacky dreams too.  Now they are gone from me, but I remember working through the logic and finally realising it had to be a dream, and I woke up just as they were closing the doors at my stop, my first of 3 stops. So I went the longer route this morning, and mentally shook my fist at the sky – it seemed the natural thing to do.

More to come later. I wrote up some memories of childhood, I might try to share here. At least my family should enjoy reading it.

Over and out.

A Block Cheese Party!

Posted: 17/04/2010 by Toby in Pictures
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