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TJ was up bright and early and waited patiently for everyone to wake up so he could open his presents. They were put on the table the night before so they can see them first thing in the morning. Once everyone was awake we enjoyed watching him open his presents. The present he’s holding above is one from Nana and G’Dad. Then TJ hopped  onto Skype with Nana on google hangout, which was so cool. Before we headed off for his party.


TJ asked for a Ben 10 cake for his birthday this year. We were preping ourselves for that when he saw a cake at the store and said I want that cake, it will do mum, then you won’t have to work as hard and it will save you time. It was cheap also, so I said sure why not. So I decided to let it go this round.  It was a Ben 10 cake just not home created.


One of TJ’s favourite things to do outside is climb, he happens to be quite good at it and so an idea hit me whilst I was trying to come up with a birthday party idea to do rock climbing/bouldering. There is a place near our home in North Pararmatta that does it and the owner George is lovely. It also helped with our big birthday gift. He got a harness for his birthday, so he can go anytime, and it actually fits him and that small toosh of his.


The party went from 10-12.30pm. It went great. They were climbing up a storm. Then lunch which was pizza and whilst that was taking place they put lollies on the rocks and so when it was time to go back in I gave the kids their party bags and they climbed for candy. And put it in their bags. Below is them waiting in anticipation to get in there and get their candy fill.


They climbed ladders and swang on a rope and held onto balls, I even did some climbing. I didn’t have the right shoes for it, but went ahead anyway it was fun. And Toby did also, along with Uncle Seth and Uncle Edgar. TJ was very happy with his new Ben 10 watch from Uncle Edgar.



Everyone had a great time and it was over before we knew it.

Happy Birthday Tom

For Toms birthday this year we took him Rock Climbing. Tom is a lovely young man. The kids love having time with their cousin. He’s sprouted up this year and is now taller than me, not that it’s hard to do, being the short cake that I am.

Uncle Gregg and Aunty Melissa did a swap. They took William and we took Tom.

We let TJ and Gigi have a turn also at Rock Climbing but Tom and Toby were the main climbers.

I love seeing the cousins hanging out with each other and helping one another.

Gigi was a last minute join in, hence sandals and not sneakers. Snatched those sandals up nice and cheap in the states and had my lovely mother-in-law mail them out for me. It’s been a real shock how expensive everything is here compared with the US.

TJ and Gigi loved the ladder climb because when they got to the top they’d let go and then could be hanging in the air and got shimmied down.

We had a great time all together. Then after rock climbing we met Gregg and Mel and Granddad and Barbara (Mel’s mum) for a birthday dinner for Tom at the Peachtree Hotel.

William had a great time with Uncle Gregg and Aunty Mel. He got a dirt bike ride and patted the dog. U. Gregg and William are buddies.

I love getting time with my nephew’s and nieces.