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Rocky’s 3rd Birthday

Posted: 08/12/2014 by Sharole in Events, News, Pictures, Rocky
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This is how happy Rocky was about it being his birthday!


Our little man turned 3. The best part of this gift was that Gigi brought it out of her own hard earned money for him, Rocky loves it. I really liked seeing Gigi wanting to do something nice for her little brother. She also bought William a gift for his birthday also. Hopefully this will provide a good example for the the boys that they can do nice things for each other and Gigi also.

IMG_2623 IMG_2620 IMG_2613 IMG_2576











Toby took the morning off and we (meaning Toby, Rocky and myself) took a morning bike ride around Olympic Park. It was very nice. I love getting time with my hubby. We then went for brunch at the cafe there. This being my birthday also, Toby allowed me my request ;)

Rocky’s crazy about Lego presently and Batman, so this was a logical conclusion, a Lego Batman cake, home made, so tasted much better, yay!


All in all a good day!

This year’s Halloween!

Posted: 25/11/2013 by Toby in Gigi, Rocky, TJ, William
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Hey everyone – my sister beat me to it… but we fully intended on blogging about our Halloween, and here it is less than a month after the event!

First of all, I think it’s kindof fun to dress up and do stuff, it’s an excuse to have a party and go out. We were invited to two parties this year and they were lots of fun. I say this because lots of folks in Australia feel that it’s a Yankee thing, and they can’t be bothered to get into the spirit of it. Fair enough.. Though I will say it is getting more popular than it was previously.

The kids also got to dress up for School for the day!

Our kids got to go trick-or-treating up in the Norht Rocks area. The street was pretty good about it. Balloons were out and main issue was one side was all up hill and the other side of the street were all down-hill. Our four were keen baked beans, running from one to the next house. The filled up there loot bags and wanted to keep going. Sadly the other kids they were with, were all ran out of steam. Rocky was the youngest there and still ready and willing to keep going :) On the way back to the house for the party we stopped at a few more houses.

So what did we all dress up as?
Sharole = Maid Marian (last minute choice, but she looked great!)
Toby = Green Lantern (the outfit was on sale, and we decided to get it just in case.. well the backup plan became the main plan)
TJ = Harry Potter – his choice. We had to get the tie separately, how dumb was that?
Gigi = Zombie Snow White – we went to a little carnival market thingy and they had face painting (that was terrible I might add) and the paint was still on when she dressed up as Snow White. I think it looked kinda cool!
William = Batman – his oldie but favourite
Rocky = Robin – he got this outfit for his birthday and it was still cute come Halloween :)

On the Saturday we had our annual Halloween Party up the coast for a change. The Tuckers did a great job of fitting out their house. We had a long black tunnel to walk through with pumpkin lanterns and errie music playing, a man with a dagger at the end to scare us. There were some fun games, like eating the dounuts off string, using darts to pop balloons, and getting apples out of buckets with no hands.

There were syringes full of blood to put into our drinks, and there was a contest for the best dressed kid and best dressed adult. Sharole won the adult competition, much to her surprise! It was a fun night.

Some pictures.

Rocky’s Baby Blanket

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This week we received a “Parcel in the Post”. Anyone remember that song from Primary school?

Rocky’s finished blanket arrived. We were all excited to see it, and Nana surely didn’t disappoint, it looks great!

Rocky loves it, this is what he instantly did.


And a front on, so you can all enjoy.


Yep Rocky got a dinosaur theme. This photo probably isn’t the best, but you can get the drift. This makes 4 for 4. All my kids have been really happy with their blankets and are grateful for all the time and effort and love that has gone into them.

Thanks Nana for sharing your talent with us, to make lasting memories for our kids, from you.

And on a side note I had to take a picture of this for you mom. Yep a candy, William even ate one, he said it was nice. We’d get one for you but it’s covered in chocolate, so it was out :)


Rocky’s 1st Birthday

Posted: 07/11/2012 by Sharole in Events, News, Pictures, Uncategorized
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As you are aware Rocky and I now share the same birthday. So it was a bit of a mystery to me how to make it all work with 3 birthdays in 3 days. Thankfully it just worked out best to have a family party for the boys on Sunday, William had his ta-do on Friday, which btw Thank you Aunty Emily for calling to wish him a Happy Birthday much appreciated, and then celebrate my birthday on the correct day, and Rocky got, well was supposed to get his few presents on the right day from us, but he seemed happy with his presents from Aunty Nicky and so I waited a few more days before I bought ours out.

Rocky has been a really interesting baby in that he’s been quite different from our other three. He’s not really interested in toys, he’s very interested in buttons and remotes and phones, leather, blankets, my flesh and all the things we don’t want him to be interested in. He’s also taken to quite a loud scream if he doesn’t get what he wants. So when Aunty Nicky asked what to get him I suggested a visit to op shops and try and find objects that are real and he thinks he’s getting into something we don’t want him too. He was fascinated with the box she put together for days maybe even a week or so, and now he’s back to our remotes, my phones, my flesh, his blanket and the couch and bit away he does (yes causing damage). Maybe we need to start taking them off him so as for him to think he’s getting something he shouldn’t. We have started lightly flicking his cheek when he bites and he screams the house down, I’m starting to think the neighbours think we do torture, in our house.

The only toy holding his attention on his birthday

His face when he thinks he’s gotten his hands on something he’s not allowed

His face as he’s about to bite into something I don’t want him too

He’s a thrill seeker, loves the swing being tossed about, he’s an aeroplane, he’s loves it all!

I am hoping he’ll entertain us as he grows (make us laugh), and hopefully not in a bad way, like destroying things and screaming all the time. For now he has everyones adoration as the wee baby of the family. Though TJ said he’d better not start biting my things (sounding like a big brother alright).

Last minute I decided on a Rocket cake. Toby went with it and drew a design, I then said “ah no I want this” and drew a design and he gracously did as I asked. Because I was so busy Toby did both of the cake cooking this round and the full decorating on Rocky’s cake and icing on Willy’s. He learned that you need to use an electric beater in future for cakes to let them aerate, it’s not a brownie and a few stirs of the spoon and your good. Thankfully the chocolate cake went pretty much. I’m guessing the sweet toothed Frater’s helped with that since it was covered in chocolate mint sticks. The rocket cake not so much, I think Toby ate most of that :)

Toby would probably want me to mention that he accidently wrote a 4 on Rocky’s rocket, and when he showed me I said “umm how old is Rocky?” oops, thankfully it was easily fixed.

We had bought several things second hand in preparation for Rocky’s birth, the same items we used for the other three, sadly they didn’t really get much of a work out, and they were taking up space, we had posted a few things on Gumtree (the Aussie version of Craigslist) and one day we got a call from a lady who’s daughter was having triplets. Jackpot! We were able to get rid of almost all the larger ticket items in one purchase, our garage is much emptier now and we are enjoying the space of less stuff as Rocky grows out of the larger items, that babies need. We only have 2 things left I think to c’est la vie. I gave my precious boppy to Lousie at the family party, as she breastfeeds for a long time as she has Ruby and was doing far too much leaner over than one should.

I was glad the 2 items that we bought he likes I went for a drum and musical toys that were all in one pack and  a vtech turtle jumping thing that plays music he loves that also.

Anyone notice the onsie? yep from our reunion in 2006 all 4 kids have worn it. Stay tuned there will be a shirt for the family reunion – 2013. Toby is doing the design.

Rocky is walking now and he’s very quick with his hands, give an inch and he’s reached a mile. He’s only said 2 words thus far, Dad and TJ. He certainly has his own language to get what he wants, grunting and various noises. He has 8 teeth. A birthmark on his head that wasn’t actually there from birth and now he has another one on his side about the size of a ten cent Aussie coin, light brown on the right of his waist. I want to say it’s looking up for a lefty finally, but I won’t hold my breath, Tobes and I might be the only ones. He’s our only child to have hair for his 1st birthday, he’s quite blonde and at times seems strawberry blonde, so you might not see it in the pictures, but it’s quite thick.

And a shot with his parents who adore him

Did I miss anything?

The house of barf

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It’s been an interesting day, with pretty much the whole family sick. Rocky is already our barfiest child, with nearly every surface of the floor and furniture christened with his stomach juices. For the last couple of days he’s been unable to keep anything down. It’s only after he passed on his stomach flu that he started to show improvement. That gives the rest of us hope.

Here he is yesterday:

Then William decided to get in on the fun.

I admit, he doesn’t exactly look like he’s having fun, but trust me, he probably is, deep down.

The older two went to school as usual, seemingly feeling no effects, which was good. Thankfully I was just going to the office near me so I dropped them off. When it came time for school to be over, Sharole made a phone call to see if one of the other mothers would take them for a while. She graciously accepted. But then just as she was herding them out the door to bring our two home, Gigi christened their  house with a massive vomit all over the floor. The mother told me she probably brought up all her stomach contents in that one go. (I apologised as profusely as I knew how..)

With the older kids, I had a slight hope that they would be able to… direct their spew a bit more, and I gave them bowls and buckets to use. As you can see, the targeting system was as spot on as a child’s can be.


And in case you’re wondering what Sharole looked like, well, let’s just say it’s not great, and leave it at that. I won’t be posting any pictures of the state she’s in at the moment.



The culprit himself:

Who, me?

Rocky – Cute and Messy

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See this kid above, he can be quite cute – but lets keep it real and say he’s our slobberiest, most vomiting, ok he doesn’t win the most poop splattering (Willam won that one), although he did decorate his crib with his poo recently, the one least interested in kids toys, nope – he wants all the cool stuff like TV remotes, phones, purses, toilets and toothpaste.

The remotes have lost there batteries, the phone is lucky to still be working, my purse got lost at Costco this last week, thankfully some nice person handed it in (huge sigh) and the toilet, well the house rule is keep the door closed, reason being is William decided to miss the toilet and not clean it up or tell mummy one day. Next thing I know Rocky is in there lying in William’s yep you know what – the yellow stuff and sopping wet (so grossed out) bath and disinfectant it was!

We haven’t taken pictures of all of these events however a few have made it onto the camera. The above was a fabulous two weeks of joy from our son, the best we could come up with was he was teething and hence causing this overflow of mammoth proportions 6 times a day. Yep he’s the one that has teethed the earliest, he’s already gotten 8 or 9 teeth by 10.5 months old, the others didn’t get anything up till they were 1 years old and pretty much, to the dot.

With the bathroom doors, the problem we are having is the door handles are up high like the good old days (being an old house), it’s great when you don’t want the kids to come in (not that that works now with our kids) but the real problem is when you want the kids to get in, like into the toilet! So it’s an ongoing battle with many bodies to keep check on if doors have been properly closed and so forth. We hear quite readily if they (ie. William) want the door to be opened, not so much fuss over whether they got the doors closed once more.

Last night all the kids were ready for bed, teeth brushing had just taken place and prayers were about to happen. I said are both doors closed, there was no resounding yes mum, so I sent Gigi down the hall and said “make sure the doors are closed” she comes back saying “yep they are closed”.

Toby got the prayer and I guess it must have been going for some time because, I started to feel this strong stinging sensation in my eyes and I thought it smelt like toothpaste, so I actually voiced it during his prayer (Toby was voicing) so supposedly everyone’s eyes were closed, TJ was trying to get our attention and I hushed him, the prayer finally finishes and we look over at Rocky there he was, to my left, covered in toothpaste. The couch had it, the rug had it, the hallway and bathrooms, the walls, the mat in the bathroom, and most importantly Rocky was covered in toothpaste. He obviously was not uphappy about the event, yep still smiling :D

Needless to say it wasn’t straight to bed for the kids, they were put on floor duty, a rag each, Daddy took Rocky clean-up and between us all we managed to get the mess sorted fairly quickly.

He’s quite adored this little man in this house. It’s nice to see his siblings rallying around him and taking care of him, albeit a tad late, at times!

Oh and 2 kids got a talking to, Gigi for not being honest about closing the doors and William for leaving the toothpaste on the floor once again. I guess this dynamic will change as the years pass, everything will be Rocky’s fault, on the kids end anyway :) Blame it on the youngest, right? But then again who knows…..

Good for Ingestion

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Today for the first time, Rocky ate the same food as the rest of us. At least, I assume it was the first time, since mostly he gets baby food, and the rest of us don’t eat that stuff.

Aunty Nicky was kind enough to get us some soup in a bag. It was opened the other night, and she suggested we all eat it soon before it goes off. This sounded like sound advice, especially here in Australia where everything goes off super fast.

Tonight, we had pumpkin soup. I figured, it’s a smooth soup, so Rocky should have no troubles. And he had none at all. I did have to pick out one small piece of pumpkin and trade it to TJ for a spoonful of smooth stuff, but that was about it.

The other cool thing about Rocky and tonight’s meal is that he got ahold of a clear plastic lid and was knawing on it. We could see right into his mouth, and we could see the pressure points where his gums were biting the clear plastic. It was immediately apparent that there were little white spots just under the surface almost ready to pop out. We can’t wait!