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I almost pee’ed my pants!

Posted: 17/09/2009 by Toby in Funny, Informative, Pictures
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Imagine this coming at you racing in the front door as you open it to put out a dirty nappy?

Scared the living daylights out of me, so yep I screamed. Firstly we don’t own a cat, I have no idea who’s cat it was. But alas in it came, faster than I could close the door.

The kids ran for the couch, William stuck on the floor started crying and Granddad after saying why’d I let that cat in, started running around the house trying to get it out. Imagine a 66 year old man, maneuvering about the house, light footed in a cat manner, trying to out think the cat. My heart was a racing and I was totally grossed out to no end.

Before too long dad managed to get it but, it was ferocious, clawing at him and trying to bite him. As I opened the door and passed him some shoes and said throw it as far as you can, he made it to the fence and threw it over.

Dad said to me next time you get the cat. I said there won’t be a next time, if the cat comes in, the kids and I are running out. He then goes on you can’t leave the cat in the house, you’ll have to put a blanket over it to get it out so you don’t have to touch it. I said yeah right!

Spiders I can handle, cockroaches if I have to, snakes I’ve killed, but a ugly, underfed looking black, hardly and fur, feral cat, is out of my willingness to touch.


As you can tell I’m not a pet lover. Give me a horse in a field any day. A dolphin in clear water, fine. I didn’t do too well with eels in Jelly Bean Waterhole either, things slithering through my legs, yuck!

Just one of our adventures this week.