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This year we now have 2 school aged kids. TJ and Gigi.

TJ is in year 1 and Gigi is in Kindergarten. They start schhol at the beginning of Febuary normally it can vary a day or 2 either way. Through till December normally about 18th. They get 3 two weeks holidays through the year, Easter, June and October.

Gigi was very excited to start big school. We were really blessed to have gotten Gigi into the Pre-school attached to TJ’s school for the great price of $9 per day for 3 days a week. She loved going, and enjoys all social outlets.

Above is her school uniform for summer, it will vary for winter going to a navy blue tunic and light blue skivvy or burgundy pants. Gigi is great at getting herself dressed and ready for school, and for that matter any time, she is nice and independant.

Below is a picture of Gigi talking to her daddy before she left for her first day at schhol.

William is going to miss her. They play well together.