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Recently whilst at the hospital I had to hear about how Dr’s said, “some people think there is such a thing as a grumbling appendix but I don’t believe it”. I got this off of several Dr’s. It was obvious to me they had no intention of taking on any other information.

I am sharing my experiences so as to help other parents be on top of either themselves or their children, to make sure they get helped as soon as possible. I was one of those that got the massive cut over 5 inches long straight from north to south, as mine was emergency surgury. Most get them on an angle down lower to the right side nice and long also. Nowadays they can go key hole surgury if caught in time and has minimal invasion on the body. They tried to do mine key hole but couldn’t see a thing through all the infection so slice they did.

My Daughters Experience at age 6: Over the last 3-4 weeks my daughter has been complaining of tummy pains on and off. She’s had some days off school here or there and then she would perk up. The first time I took her to the Dr he suggested that I worm our family just in case, but he felt her appendix area and said it’s not sore there so, that’s fine. She was having temperatures on and off also. So time crept on and then, then Tuesday night she got real pail and didn’t eat much dinner and asked to go to bed straight after dinner. In the morning she woke up feeling like throwing up and almost fainted. So I decided to take her to another Dr. When I went I spoke to the Dr how this has been carrying on for a while now. She felt her tummy and couldn’t tell if she was very sore near her appendix or any specific area around her tummy, just tender and said well lets get a wee and poo sample and a blood test. We went straight in to get her blood test and headed home to work on the samples.

Gigi rested and come 6pm my Dr had called me and said that Gigi’s white blood cells were elivated and I should get her to a hospital as it looks to be an appendix. So Toby went and got the referral letter from the Dr’s and I packed a bag for Gigi and I. We then headed to Royal North Shore Hospital because I was told it’s never overly busy there and we should get in quickly, sounded good however, twas not the case.

Finally 4hrs later they took a look at her and the nurse said about getting a urine sample, I mentioned I got one late this afternoon would you like to use that, she said yes and said great and went off to test it. When she came back she said there was blood and cells in the urine so there is definately something wrong. Whilst we were waiting she had a very high temperature. Meanwhile they put in a canula so as to give her fluids since she wasn’t eating and they didn’t want her to eat in case she’d need an operation. The nurse went off to talk to her boss and came back and said we have decided to call in a sonographer to take a look at Gigi’s appendix. This was midnight so by 1am in the morning, she was looked at by the sonographer but she was unable to find her appendix, so we went back to the room and not knowing what was happening next both fell asleep on the bed. In the morning they took more blood tests and found her white blood cells still on the rise. She also had a chest x-ray at night to rule out pneumonia, apparently it can have similar symptoms. They then ruled out an upper urinary infection and then decided it was best to send us to Sydney Children’s, as it turns out Royal North Shore doesn’t operate on appendix’s.

First off they gave her 3 lots of antibiotics and anti throw up stuff. They then got all our test results together and took Gigi off the drip and I drove her over to the Sydney Children’s still with the canula in. When we arrived there we didn’t have to wait for long till we got called through to the first room. There we brushed our teeth whilst waiting, felt so good. Then finally they took us through to get another sonogram. Apparently they are skilled at it here and turns out they were right. She found it in under a minute. I could see it plain as day. It did look enlarged.

When they gave us the result they said it looked enlarged and would take it out, either tonight or in the morning. They found her to be a strange case because she didn’t have a temperature anymore and appeared to be not bad, but she still had such a high blood count of 130 million. Normal ranges are between 5-10 million. Well night came and went and so did the next morning. By night time we figured she wasn’t getting done again and then finally they took her in at 8.10 at night.

The operation went well and they said that it was strange because the appendix wasn’t enlarged, only elongated. They did find traces of infestation inside but nothing to fully identify the problem. When I spoke to my friend Nicole she said her’s was removed after quite a bit of pain and her’s was only elongated also, so what I can gather from that is, an elongated appendix is enough to cause discomfort and the need to remove it. After hers was removed she no longer had the pain so I am hoping that will be the case with my Gigi also. The hospital tested her blood once more and her white blood cells had gone down quite a lot down to 14 million. So I was happy about that. I also am glad it’s something we don’t have to worry about with her anymore.

I noticed she still had blood in her urine so we had them test that before we left also and that came up clear. Sadly it took longer to leave than we would have liked because she got a temperature again thankfully they (Toby and Gigi) got home just in time for dinner Sunday evening. That was a long 5 days.

What Causes Appendicitis?

Appendicitis occurs when the appendix becomes blocked, often by stool, a foreign body, or cancer. Blockage may also occur from infection, since the appendix swells in response to any infection in the body.

What Are the Symptoms of Appendicitis?

The classic symptoms of appendicitis include:

  • Dull pain near the navel or the upper abdomen that becomes sharp as it moves to the lower right abdomen. This is usually the first sign.
  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea and/or vomiting soon after abdominal pain begins
  • Abdominal swelling
  • Fever of 99-102 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Inability to pass gas

Almost half the time, other symptoms of appendicitis appear, including:

  • Dull or sharp pain anywhere in the upper or lower abdomen, back, or rectum
  • Painful urination
  • Vomiting that precedes the abdominal pain
  • Severe cramps
  • Constipation or diarrhea with gas

If you have any of the mentioned symptoms, seek medical attention immediately since timely diagnosis and treatment is very important.

My Experience at age 25:

I had been suffering on and off with pains in my abdomen area, and over weeks I became less and less vibrant. I had gone to the Dr with no help. Then one day at work some work mates were teasing me because I was grunting to just bend over because it hurt badly down there, they told me to stop putting it on. I ended up talking to my mother in tears by the late afternoon due to pain and she agreed to meet me at the Dr’s after work and to make an appointment. So I did. We met up and I went to the Dr’s he took a look at me and said he thought I might have an ectopic pregnancy I was tender in the appendix area he advised me to take some blood tests and sent me home. That night when my husband made me dinner I couldn’t even think of eating it and spent part of the evening on the toilet to no success, with a vomit bucket. Finally after my husband talking to my parents and sister-in-law they both said take her to the hospital. To which he did.

I could barely walk and when I came in the doors I got straight through, to my surprise after I’d heard cases of sitting for longer than 6 hrs. I guess I must of looked pretty bad. I took a urine test and they put me in a bed, and started pumping me with morphine. They eventually came back and told me I was pregnant, but that I might have an ectopic pregnancy. Over the next few hours I had several Drs come and give their opinion on what they thought I had. By the time they took my blood count and the results came through, before I knew it I was getting ran down the corridors on the bed and taken into an operating theatre, I was moved onto a tiny bed in the middle of the room and then was put out, everything went dark.

When I woke up, I was informed that my appendix had burst and I almost died, that I have been left open to prevent abyssing. That unfortunately I lost a falopian tube and that my stomach had started to rot, so they had to take out all of the infection first, apparently it was so bad they had to  get a ladle to scoop it all out. I was known as ladle lady at the hospital.

After 10 days I was sewn up a day and a half later it tore open and I was back at the hospital. This time they had to do railway stitching, which they said would cause even more scaring. To which it did. I then tore open again and they said we’d have to let it heal on it’s own, and I would have to get cosmetic surgury, after I finished having kids. Since it turned out I was pregnant I could only expect it to get worse per child. I had a nurse coming to the house for a few weeks doing dressings.

It took a good year for the scaring dark red in colour to start to fade. Sadly I had so much scar tissue my stomach it was all lumps and bumps. Eventually I found I person that suggested I get it massaged and it would break it down. That was the best news ever, because I found a sports therapist, who helped me learn exercises to help strengthen my muscles once more and break down all the scar tissue. It was very traumatic for me. An area opn my body I still dislike having to see.

It took three months before I could go back to work and I was very grateful for my dad coming to walk with me each day, as I got stronger to walk once more. I never want my kids to go through that experience.

So when my kids tell me they have tummy pains I try and listen up and do what I can to make sure they get what they need. So there was no way I was going to let Gigi get pushed aside. I was glad I listened to my intuition and followed through with the things she told me. I had a grumbling appendix, they do exist! And turns out so did my daughter.


For our wedding anniversary this year we decided, ok it may have been more me to go and see, Cliff Richard in concert in March. We bought the tickets last year and waited for it to come around.

Before it started. Bad lighting here but oh well. The theatre is beautiful all Art Deco.

Wow, what a lot of energy he has for a 72 year old, not to mention a great figure. I guess staying single and no kids, has kept him in fine form.
We had a nice time. My dad watched the kids and we jetted off into the city by train, grabbed our favourite snags, my favourite is the Greek, Toby likes to change his up each time. We were going to go the Reuban this time but it was closed, so we were still happy with our fancy snags. Then made a run for it to the concert and thankfully made it.

As it was starting. Awesome lighting throughout.

Obviously an older audience, though I will say we weren’t the youngest people there :) There was also one ning nong that kept calling out, one in every crowd, as they say. He came back for 3 encores and it went for over 3 hours. I enjoyed singing all the songs.
We were so impressed with his stamina dancing all over the stage. So many good songs, gotta love the goodies and oldies…. His sense of humour was great also, nice to know your going to get class at an event and not trash.

Happy Anniversary to us!!!!

Sharole’s Birthday

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I had a lovely birthday, thanks to mostly, my husband.

Firstly my sister came up and took me to a show of Les Miserables, for my birthday gift. It was nice and close in Parramatta and was directed by my friend David Tucker, it was fantastic and it was nice to see 2 other people I knew in the cast. We went out after, for a hot chocolate and then she slept over so as to be here for the family birthday party for William and Rocky. Ezra and Gran also came up so as to be here for the family event.

On Sunday we hosted a BBQ for the family and we had the afternoon together. It was nice to see Gregg and Seth playing with all the kids and Tom also. My boys love having Tom around, their big boy cousin Tom. I managed to get a photo with one of my brothers, Gregg.

My birthday barely got a mention, but after there was a card in the pile from Seth, wishing me a happy birthday. Apparently that’s good if you get that off your big brother for anything. So I was grateful.

Monday Toby made be breakfast, he had a lovely card that he’s designed. And one gift for the morning. It was a wireless headset for me for the gym and if I wanted to talk to people around the house whilst doing something then I can use that. It was in my favourite colour red, very thoughtful, he then also had an arm band for my phone whilst at the gym or exercising also, matching once more, I may have helped with that idea, but he picked it out and bought it. I got a new pair of gloves for gardening, more sturdy, so far so good. It’s kind of sad when I was wearing out a pair of gloves per one gardening sitting. Then there was a slicer for my “laminating facination” he calls it, he says I have to have everything perfect for the kids learning tools and for primary etc…. it’s got a double edge one side is a guilitine and the other side is a scrapbooking blade, it shall be very useful. I was a very lucky girl and yet Toby tells me I have one more gift coming. Something with my name on it. I might blog about it when it arrives.

I took it easy that day and Willy and I watched a movie a chick flick and relaxed and I got lots of cuddles off my boys, then when Toby got home he had a lovely bunch of flowers in toe with my favourite flowers gerbera’s, and he made dinner. He had a cupcake sized cake so they could all sing happy birthday to me, and you can guess what happened at night ;). I almost forgot to mention we danced! We put on my favourite songs (including our wedding song) and we danced and the kids joined in also, some nice family time, for the evening.

The next morning when I went to the gym my gym buddy Josephine had a lovely bunch of flowers for me, roses, they were beautiful. I actually managed to remember to take a photo of these ones.

On Friday Toby had organised for a group of my friends to go out for dinner, it was a steak house but when I saw the salmon I decided to go for that, I am loving salmon these last few years, it was delicious. We had a lovely night. Toby had ordered a cake with my name on it, a mudcake which is my favourite cake, although that said I loved the cake he got me last year, it had porfiteroles on the top (the same as like the dessert from our wedding).

I wore a pair of high heels! Sporting a country gal look. That doesn’t happen very often these days, and I’ll go ahead and admit I can’t walk in them like I used to I have put that on my to do list, to re-learn now there are no more kids to give birth to. I normally hate seeing women that can’t walk in heels, but I am going easy on myself and saying well I could I’ve had a bunch of kids and now I shall do it again. And to think I wore heels right through the preganancy with TJ, that became less and less as each child came along. The pair of boots were tan ankle boot heels, love them. Yep I am a shoe girl and honestly it’s not very often I find shoes I like, so it was nice to find a few pairs this year to help me get back into the swing of things. Slowly but surely though, these ankles aren’t strong like they once were. I still have hope though after talking to another lady that had several kids, she said they do get stronger once more, my fingers are crossed.

So this gal sure can’t complain. Everything was GREAT!!!! Thanks for a great week Toby, and thanks for all my birthday wishes peeps.
Oh and in case anyone was wondering I figured it out, I just turned 37. Glad you’ll be joining me soon Mooly…… ;) (inside joke)

To the theme song of

“The Brady Bunch”

Here’s the story of a gal, Sharole
Who went cruising with 3 very lovely girls
There were 3 brunette’s, and a blonde
Only 1 with curls!

Here’s the story of my hubby, Toby
Who was at home busy with the kids
There are 4 of them with Dad together
And they were all alone

Till one day when this lady hit Noumea
And then there was Mare and Mystery I (island)
Then finaly, there was Isle of Pines
That was my cruise, then back-to the, O’Hara Bunch
The O’Hara Bunch

I was glad to see my O’Hara Bunch……..

That will do it?

Ok I guess I should give more detail.

We set off from Sydney in the late afternoon, catching the sunset on the harbour, it was beautiful sailing out of the heads, via the Harobur bridge. Before too long the mobile phones worked no more and we were free for 9 days, from answer to mum and all our daily lives.

It was 2.5 days to get to the first Island, then Noumea, Mare, Mystery Island, Isle of Pines, then 2.5 days back to Sydney. (minus Vila in picture)

Noumea: We were there on a Sunday so there wasn’t a lot to do there. They had a market set up so we started there. We took a bus ride, which didn’t actually take us far. So before long we were back where we started. Everyone had said how horrible and ugly this place was, well I disagree it was perfectly fine. Lovely beaches and ocean water and the people were fine.

I saw these adorable scootbuggies. Convinced the girlies to hop on board and so we hired 2 for a decent price of $55 each for 2 hours. Certainly better than the price for jet skiing ($190 for 15mins). I will have to fulfill that wish in Lake Powell I think. We had a blast on these things flying around the Island. I got mine upto 60km/hr. It was really a glorified 2 seater ATV or 4WD. Courtney and I even went through McDonalds in it, we made the girl working laugh. I got an ice cream cone for 195 francs, sounded expensive still haven’t figured that out, oh well.

We did some markets shopping and we checked out a supermarket, and managed to find Smurf candy’s. So we each bought one packet for our families back home. I’ll tell you it came and went real quick in my house, less than 3 minutes. They tell me they tasted good :) We got a Polynesian dance before hoping back on the boat to head to the next shore.

Mare: It seemed to take a while before we got off onto this shore we had to got via tenders (safety boats) this time, so we all had to take turns. When we reached the land we took a look about checked out the church and a waterhole and the school with all the cute kids. Went and checked out the water then decided to head over to the other swim area when we realised we didn’t have much time. Determined we paid and hoped in the van and on the way it started to pour with rain.

When we got there we asked the man to wait for us, he said fine and so we took off our clothes and left our bags in his van and ran into the water in the rain. It was beautiful :) Sadly we had to cut it short since the Boat crew started to harrass us to head back to the boat.

See how beautiful the colour of the water is, and the sand so white and soft. We made it back in time to get back on the boat, yep last tender back :)

I’ve wanted to go to Vanuatu for many a year, and today I made it.

Mystery Island: This was a deserted Island, where the locals come across to set up markets for the boats passing by. It has an air strip on it from WW11 on it. Other than that is had some huts and a little house of some sort and that was about it. My favourite part of this stop was just floating in the water for hours. The water was so beautiful we could see right down to the ocean floor 20-30mtrs from the beach.

That said we did come acorss some hostile natives, tried to cook me up for soup. After a battle I came out triumphant, thankfully :) And we made friends.

Isle of Pines: Our last stop before forging home. Here we had paid for a tour, involving a resort and snorkling, with a BBQ lunch and use of their vacilities. Honestly it wasn’t what I expected upon arrival, The view was beautiful and and the pool lovely. Firstly we sunbathed by the pool before too long realising we shouldd get our snorkling out of the way incase the weather went bad.

We took a 15min walk and ended up at a water type hole, where many people were snorkling. I admit I wasn’t skilled at it, I kept gagging, so I threw it aside and just went without. We ran into some native members their which was cool, one had even served a mission in Australia recently. Melem our group leader even climbed a palm tree for us, my he made it look easy. Once again we were on the last tender back to the boat. It was nice getting a break from the constant travelling and I had to wonder how my parents did it with my brother when they migrated back to Australia from England for 6 weeks. I sure don’t have the stomach for it.

You’ll see in the picture above the pines, funny slim things. The Island was named by Captain James Cook. He didn’t even bother to hop off the ship for that discovery.

On the boat: Activities we did were trivia, we saw several acrobatic shows, and stage shows. We visited the gym once and decided not to go back – movement on movement was not pleasant. Nope no bingo – I did find out though it was very popular and as was the casino, which I didn’t even see till the last day or so, lots of people in there gambling. We tried to play air hockey but it was broken :( There were 2 swimming pools however in the times when you would use them it was very much a wave pool and not well attended. We did partake in karaoke and I am proud to say I did my first vocal performance alone to the song “Shine” from Vanessa Amorosi. Jacqui and I also let loose on “Dancing” Queen by ABBA. There also was a dancing area that we attended for some dancing, we figured our best chance of exercise, we did have some fun but found it somewhat seedy as time went on.

I would like to take issue with the carpets on this cruise ship obviously not a seasoned cruise taker, the pattern on these long corridors made me quite oozie, day in and day out. Ok I’m feeling sick just looking at this picture.

I was surprised by the size of the rooms and our large window which I appreciated. We had two animal towels made, a monkey and an elephant.One of the best things for the boat was having our room cleaned and made to look nice everyday by Alvin, he was fantastic. If our clothes weren’t folded he would do it, fresh towels everyday, agh…. what a delight!

Massive crack up was Courtney with these on. I even have a video :)

Now back to mumhood – it was very nice to see my family. I was happy to see all my kids run upto me and maul me, Rocky was lagging behind though, I’m guessing the car seat wasn’t helping matters.

Seems I shall be sharing my birthday for the rest of my life now. Yep Rocky was born on my birthday.

The plan was for me to relax all day, but come afternoon we decided to take a trip to Parramatta and buy me a guitar for my birthday. It was my birthday request. I sold mine when I moved to the States and hadn’t had one since. I figured now was a good time to bring the guitar back into mine and now into my kids lives.

Whilst waiting to pick up my guitar I started getting contractions. at 3:30pm 4mins apart lasting for 1 minute. When we got home I called the hospital to ask what they want me to do, since my waters hadn’t broken. They said dear you don’t want your waters to break being your 5th child. I said ok so we headed into the hospital.  After being there for not long my contractions got closer 2 mins apart and by 6:20pm my waters broke. No chance of crossing my legs now :)

At 8:14pm Rocky had arrived.

He weighed 8lbs 4 oz. Length was 53cms long. Head circumference was 34.5cms. Rocky is our largest and heaviest child to date.

Some features we’ve observed. He has Granddad Frater ears, and the Frater chin. He has Toby’s nose and feet. He has sandy blonde hair and very blonde eye lashes and eye brows, looks to be a blue eyed baby. Looks like he might have a wave to his hair.  And broad hands?

Gran and Aunty Nicky arrived not long afterward to welcome him into the world and into the family. Yep the one born here in Sydney, was the one they missed the exit of.

I need to find a picture of Aunty Nicky, surely we have one somewhere.

Rocky has been shown lots of love his first week. Nana,TJ, Gigi, and William came first thing in the morning. Granddad and Uncle Gregg came to visit at the hospital and Jacqui. Then during the week we had the Wilson’s, Tucker’s and Gomez’s all come visit. Aunty Mel and Brooke, Uncle Seth, Louise, Jonathan and Lucy and my visiting teacher Lisa Pelayo.

Rocky welcome to our family.

The kids are all besotted with him.

Headed home.

Swing Dancing

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Last Saturday Toby and I got to go Swing Dancing at the local Bowlo (aka Hazelbrook Bowling Club). It is right about the corner (almost) from our home. Dad kindly looked after the kids and off we went. It was our first time going dancing in a little over 3 years.I found out that I no longer fit the dance shoes I bought 5 years ago :( Turns out it’s true after 4 kids my foot has grown half to a whole size. I guess I was doing well until the last one.

Lets just say the band wasn’t so crash hot (PenrithSwingBand). But we didn’t care, we got up for all but 3 dances for the night. We made several boo boo’s and laughed a lot.

It was so much fun to go out and have the dance floor pretty much to ourselves and feel no pressure that we were surrounded by great dancers or have to feel bad at how rusty we both were.

Today we ran into some of the people that were there that night at a garage sale. They said “are you the two dancers from the other night”, we said “yes”. They said “that was great!” So a compliment to boot.

Now we’ll have to find another venue we can go out and strut our stuff at.

Swing Dancing

Swing Dancing

10 Most Livable Countries

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Turns out Australia is number two.

Beaten by Paris, France.

Turns out we upgraded 5 spots as the US was down at number 7.

Not sure how Canada was at 10 though. It’s a beautiful country, hey I’d live there!

This of course is all subject to the person who got to publish this article. What I’d like to know is, who determines these lists. Have they actually lived in each of these places. Is it just a vote at some pub during “Happy Hour”? who knows.

I just found another list where the US didn’t rate at all. I wonder if people from Countries that don’t even rate on these lists, see these statistics and think that’s it “I’m moving” DONE….

Perhaps one thing we can guarantee is that the countries that have the highest Emigration are the countries that aren’t even put on the consideration list :)

Note: There are many reasons why people might choose to emigrate. Some are for political or economic reasons, or for personal reasons like finding a spouse while visiting another country and emigrating to be with them. Many older people living in rich nations with cold climates choose to move to warmer climates when they retire.

So where are the Top 10 unlivable lists for these? Seems no one wants to put their name to that article.

I certainly can think of some things that make a place unlivable for me, how about you? Do share…