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Costco – Auburn

Posted: 04/07/2011 by Sharole in Uncategorized
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On Saturday Toby and I went and joined the one and only Costco opening in NSW on July 21st, yep in advance. We happen to be only 5-10mins from the store, yay!
We got our Costco cards, with our gorgeous pictures and off we went.
We are totally excited to have one here in Australia, and with a new baby on the way, bulk nappies will be nice for a change.
One opened last year in Melbourne, but that is a bit far for a shopping run in my opinion however not so for many others. I am surprised at how many people know about it, here in Australia. I guess the one in Melbourne spread the word.
I can imagine it’s going to be long lines and crowded to the hilt. I’ll have to figure out the best times to go to avoid the caos.

Free Range

Posted: 09/05/2010 by Toby in Informative
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Does anyone know why free range eggs cost more than cage (or battery) eggs?  Maybe I should check on Yahoo! Answers and see if someone has already asked this question.

I took a few minutes to search around and see if there was somewhere that explained it in some detail.  In my mind what is actually happening is that the standard cost, free range eggs, is lowered by creating efficiencies such as keeping the chickens in one spot, so the eggs are always in the same place when they are laid, as well as harvesting them quickly and automatically, and the fact that more chickens can be housed per square meter.

On one website it gave the following math:

The Australian Egg Industry Association says that if battery eggs cost $3 a dozen then barn eggs should cost about $3.77 and free range around $4.37. This is not the case and prices vary across states and across supermarkets depending on their pricing policies.

Yet when we go shopping, the cage eggs are HALF the cost. I don’t understand the fact that the store is effectively marking up the free range eggs in order to punish those consumers who have heard about the industry and want to buy more responsibly.

I consider it a strange side of my character that I’m willing to buy free range eggs even though the cage eggs are cheaper. I’m also willing to give up meat if it comes from a CAFO cow. It makes me wonder what other strange notions I have.

New Clothes

Posted: 28/09/2008 by Toby in Uncategorized
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Yesterday Sharole went to a tot swap right here in Gaithersburg. She said that she got the best parking spot, right in front of the door, and she was the first in line. The tot swap is first come first serve, so the women in there basically grab anything if it seems like they might want it, because one can’t go back and get it again, it will be gone, scooped up by the next woman.

Sharole got some good finds, clothes, shoes and toys (which we will be handing out for Christmas). One of the coolest items was a little Starfleet uniform for our new baby, he will be wearing it for Halloween.

Pedestrian Crossings

Posted: 15/09/2008 by Toby in News
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Our local supermarket has 2 kid friendly shopping trolleys (shopping carts), they are huge with a big red and bright yellow bus/car in the front for 2 kids to sit and pretend to drive with the trolley behind it, so quite the load to maneuver about. TJ’s latest is searching it out at every opportunity and hoping in.

So today I searched it out and there was one available and so grabbed it and both kids were happy, so off we went. The shopping went fine except I forgot an item, this seems to be a common occurance and somewhat frustrating, grrrr….

Gigi had her normal admirer seeking her out at every opportunity which used to be Emily’s admirer, I guess O’Hara women reel him in!

On our way out I approached the pedestrian as one does when crossing the road and with my massive load already on the road this silly woman comes along in her early 60’s (at a guess) not even looking around or slowing down and barely misses us, she then proceeds to park in the handicapped spot. It’s at times like this I really have to hold myself back, I would have preferred to say lady you are more than handicapped, you shouldn’t have a license!

But instead I waited for her to park ever so badly and get out of the car and I said to her, excuse me but pedestrian crossing have right of way I was on the road and you almost ran my children over. Her reply was “I came out of nowhere”. Now maybe if I was was wearing dark clothes it was night time and not right out the front of the food store on the pedestrian crossing, I may have accepted that answer. But the truth was she didn’t even look!

I reminded her that she is going to injure or kill someone if she doesn’t pay attention to what she is doing when she is driving let alone, people on pedestrian crossings! She said “I said sorry” and walked off.

As I walked away shaking my head, some many thoughts rushing through it like how can you not notice this huge trolley with a bright red and yellow bus/car in front attached to a trolley with food which was then attached to an 8month pregnant woman on her fourth pregnancy in bright clothes, and think that someone is going to accept that answer. Then it went to how many times since I’ve lived here that I’ve almost been run over on a pedestrian crossing, not even mentioning when I wasn’t!

I guess I should be grateful my children and I are still alive living among some of the worst drivers in the world. I really do have to wonder at how most of the people around DC/MD/VA got licenses in the first place!

Walmart – SuperCenter

Posted: 01/09/2008 by Toby in News
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For a year or so, some neighbours (LDS) had been telling us about their weekly trips to Frederick, Maryland to do there shopping at Walmart! We were told it’s huge and has everything. So Toby and I decided well we’d better go and visit one of these huge Walmart Centers so we can say we’ve done it and you kids have done it, and as the saying goes “been there done that”.

That said our friends are from a town in California called “Redbluff” they openly admit to being Rednecks and are proud of it. They’ve now moved back. We were told that this is what Redneck towns do, they hang at Walmart for hours on end it’s the main event, their trips were an all day experience a good 3 hours just meandering the Walmart store.

Well this last Saturday (more…)

Pre-Mom’s Day

Posted: 11/05/2008 by Toby in Uncategorized
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As I wrote the title of this post, I realized it could be misleading. A day for pre-moms? Maybe a more clear title would be Mom’s Day Eve. Now that I’ve written the preceding three sentences I can’t change the title.

That said, a day for pre-moms would still apply to my lovely wife, she’s a mother-to-be for the 4th time. What a trooper!

Towards the end of the day, I suddenly realized that the special purchase I had to make today for the special dinner I had planned tomorrow was at the store, waiting for me to claim it and pay the price. After watching The Fountainhead, with Gary Cooper, I took the kids out for a walk over to the grocery store.

I pulled out the double stroller and placed it on the sidewalk, and waited for the kids to tumble down the stairs and be ready to head out. Gigi was being too slow, so (more…)