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Contractor Still

Posted: 10/12/2009 by Toby in Informative
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Well here’s a piece of news that’s long overdue on the blog..

I started a new job this week, I now work for bp solar as project manager for the Blacktown Solar Cities project. I started Tuesday, and so far it’s been great.  The people here are a close knit bunch, all working for bp solar in Australia, but not all working on the Blacktown Solar Cities project.  I put bp solar as small case, because the logo is in all small.  I guess as a business though it should be BP Solar, which is what I have in the email signature on my work email, it’s capitalised.

So why the job change? Well the unfortunate side effect of accepting contract work instead of continuing to look for permanent work is that, well, the contract is pretty much just that, a contract until it runs out.  Amazingly, one of the recruiters I’d worked with previously, called me the day after I got the news at EMC.  How coincidental is that??  He said he had a job he thought I’d be good for.  The interview was about a week after that, and the start was less than a week after that.

It wasn’t easy being told there was no more work for me at EMC, despite the fact that they said they thought I did a good job, and it was really the fact they didn’t have enough projects, and the fact that the contract, from the beginning was going to be only 3 months anyway, it still felt like a blow. Not only did I question whether I could have done something differently and maybe someone else would have been designated as the dead wood, but I really really hate the job hunt.  It’s so much effort, so much pandering to indifferent people, and so much uncertainty about whether you’re wasting your time, or whether what you’re doing will actually get a result.

I’m just glad to have this over Christmas time, as many business are starting to postopone their changes and decisions till January, or maybe February, so there’s not as much hiring or staff changes.

The best part about this change is that I’m now working on something that’s really neat-o.  Blacktown Solar City is part of an overall scheme by the Australian Government to get a number of cities throughout Australia to get solar photovoltaic systems installed, as well as solar hot water systems, and other improvements, such as education and changes in power usage and so forth. BP Solar is also involved in other solar cities such as Alice Springs, Adelaide and Perth, supplying the solar photovoltaic systems and in home displays.

In each case, the government is offering incentives to get these solar panels out there in exchange for usage data.  This data will be used to help make deicisions about how to encourage more use of solar energy by residents and businesses.